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  • mind yogaDatum20.11.2021 15:28
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    also starts becoming a ground of clear.The leaf once took a shower as well autumn today and used of is still the bathing dew of Johnson infant.There is a milk flavor, didn't also make the other people suffer a los.
    Leaf autumn the concentrated spirit listen to, one grass none of one leaf passes.
    There are shoes that trample at miscellaneous grass up, wait until shoes past after, the miscellaneous grass starts to play of voice.
    The autumn of the leaf towardsed violet to beat a signal and told her to totally have three people.From the left side since then of that handed over to her, oneself dealt with front side to touch of two people.
    The autumn of the leaf touches two pieces of rocks from the ground and prepare to the bearer deadly blow at any time.
    A person carelessly trampled to break to fall a tree branch of ground, break of the voice ring out.Leaf autumn the lightning flash sort start to trample.Two pieces of rock lightning flashes that button up on the hand hit, exact center and right against the face of 2 people chest
    The autumn of the leaf to he or she ground hand strength the son has much of self-confidence.As long as shooting them, the absolute ability brokes off their bones.
    Just leaf autumn this disappointed, these are two drive leaf the autumn beat a medium Human body body to send out stuffy hum a voice, it is to be held up for a while to tread son only, on the contrary sped up of to leaf autumn they hurtled to come over.
    What is the row son?
    Don't beat in?
    But leaf the autumn clearly hearded the depressed voice that the rock shoot object.And, after leaf autumn learned this hand to extremely live, also have never accidentally lost.No matter is the sky flies, run on the ground of, visit in hand of, be he wants to make moves of time, neither can succeed in escaping.
    The rock is a bullet, in the battlefield, waste the behavior of bullet in fact is also consuming life.So, don't have confidence, the leaf autumn never and easily made moves.
    But the fact put at at present, those two black dress persons not only only wasn't broked off bone, but also sped speed to leaf autumn they avoid of the place rushed to leave for to come over.Simultaneously run, packed to eliminate a pistol for crying in hand still is shooting bullet.Want to seal their dead a piece of tree trunk is over there behind, make them not have the opportunity to escape and counter-attack.
    The ending up in nothing of rock lets leaf the in the mind is very sorry for autumn.Or say very missing.
    This is originally like you super strong in that aspect, be called Jing to not and falsely deliver small west door, have never thought one day be a big beauty nakedly lie in front of you, Gao when the highland lift his/her own thigh you unexpectedly the Hao have no reaction.
    This kind of hugely falls bad will person so depressed and throw up blood.
    At leaf autumn the time that emotion is lowly, nearby of violet but is an intention to murder Ying however.Always all is that she kills other people, but always no one dare to come to challenge on his/her own initiative.
    These people all want to die.
    The violet isn't a common woman, can't kill a fish to exclaim repeatedly, see blood and then will faint.She is the strong that chose from numerous elites, once bore the most scathing ruthlessness even at the cruel training, she smoked, Xiong wine, kill people is also a simple meal to her.
    When the autumn of the leaf made a phone call for her, keep shouting her name river Yan was purple to really let her in the mind be subjected to a touch.This is a name that covers with dust already a long time, all far and soon forgotten by her.
    All people all call her violet, an isn't a name place name word.
    Originally she also thinks to soon forget.Or, have been already forgotten.Because she always has never wanted to think of it again.
    But when leaf the autumn shout a , these three words of time, her center of earth as if thousand year the copper clock of the thou temple.It be ruthlessly bumped shot by the heavy machine.That connects wave continuous not unique.One by one, several desire faint.
    Think of this name, then thought of relevant this everything.That finely meets.That without sorrow but clinging love, those happiness of grievedly past.
    The whole everythings, river Yan is purple to live to come over again.
    Washed hot bath, lighted a heat of sandalwood, quiet mind yoga, still having no can quell the motion of in the mind.In a row take out after quite a few pay smoke, emotion just little by little steady settle down.
    River Yan is purple to like to see a leaf very much for autumn.
    Because he is like his father too much.That can not call that it is graceful bearing, it thinks of but lets to be full of the man of Ai idea in the public.
    And he together, even if a words don't say, she has already departed from this life of the heart world can also acquire a little source of vitality.

  • holds in the handDatum20.11.2021 15:24
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    The autumn of the leaf picks up a rabbit back and says to the violet:"Our this affirmation will be a winner biggestly tonight."
    There is rules in the club.As long as the wild thing that is a member to beat down by himself[herself].All there is the power to take.Can also not pick up to return to, let the club handle by himself/herself.
    The violet saw one eye leaf autumn.Say:"I and your father once matched with, that, we are to hunt the most set."
    Leaf autumn in the mind rejoice with wild joy, having never thought the violet will mention this problem on one's own initiative and say with a smile:"You relate to with my father very good?"
    After asking a this sentence, bowel sons of leaf autumn all the regrets Be getting greener.
    He sees the ground come out, the violet likes a father, and until can not also forget now.But the father finally didn't choose her and asked him this time relate to not very good, there are some ironic meanings in the total felling.
    Indeed as expected, while hearing this problem, violet's body fiercely one Jiang.Although the leaf autumn can not see the facial expression of clear her face, can still felling ground she is that heavy sorrow.
    "I and your father----It is a friend nicely."The violet in a soft voice says.Then You however sigh, extending far and long.
    "Who is he ?Now where?"The autumn of the leaf is worried ground of to ask a way.
    The violet is obviously very surprised to the problem in leaf autumn, say:"Do not you know who your father is?"
    "Is very strange?"The autumn of the leaf is a bit embarrassed.
    "I think the leaf is old will tell you."The violet says."He be because your father's business son just keep off a Yan city."
    "Exactly once took place how matter son?Where is my father ?"The autumn of the leaf threw a rabbit and came forward the hand of holding tight the violet.
    This woman talks speed too slow, leaf the autumn is malicious to use to bite a ring to directly peep her memory.
    "He died."Violet deep breathing, then the voice deep and lowly says.
    Hear this news, leaf autumn Leng Leng, this at his anticipate in.
    The in the mind just has some to lose, but doesn't feel sad.
    He also feels that oneself should be suffered for a while just right.Or be like the leading role in the television movie, hear the father whom oneself always all has never met not at, cries a dad to shout Niang to try to commit suicide to find to live some kind of.But, he is sad don't get up.
    This is in the world have no without any cause love, also have no without cause the ground hate.He has never appeared, so ground feelings is too visionary.
    "River Yan is purple.We seek a place to discuss good?I want to know the business in past, I father's ground, my mother of, yours, all I should know of affair.Please, all tell me."The autumn of the leaf truly be willing to the ground say.
    He again calls violet really name, hope to wake her up the memory ever.
    "Good."The violet answers a way."I know before having a cake of to embrace a tiger stone."
    When 2 people were about to leave, it was the light of a floodlight to tie to beat to come over again.The leaf shining on the autumn and eyes of violet can't open.
    "The autumn of the leaf."Someone shouts a way.
    "Who?"Leaf autumn the vigilance ground ask a way.The man's voice is very unfamiliar.It is what he always all has never heard.
    "Move out of the way quickly."
    The body of violet suddenly makes a pounce upon a leaf for autumn, then 2 people's body be together falling down on the ground, they just stood there is bullet in a ground of place wear Leng but lead.Dozen ground tree trunk and grass leaf the Pa Pa make to ring.
    The autumn of the leaf hugs the body of violet vacillating on the ground.After averting from that Leng sub- bullet, just find out a big tree to come to a stop.The long bow in the leaf's autumn hand has been already dropped, the violet ground still holds in the hand.The violet draws out three arrowses to take on the Xian a while, the side ear after listenning to listen to with fortitude give°ed the arrows to shoot to go out.
    Someone's pain shouts of voice.
    The violet didn't see their shadow of human figures, the step voice that can depend on their moving listenned to a Bian.Although shot a target,can not let they a recruit dead.
    "Seek dead."Violet full face intention to murder.Hear after that man's painful noise of shouting, again take arrows new moon, one arrows is past.That cried to shout a voice to stop.
    Lin Zi Li resumed again quite, but 2 people hide a behind at the tree trunk a move also motionless.
    Does the sky know to still have rifleman to hide to wait for them emitting a head over there?
    A minute, two minutes, three minutes-
    The autumn of the leaf and the body of violet huddle together, a move also motionless.Each other can feel the heart palpitates of the other party and smell smell the flavor on the other party body.

  • can also guessDatum20.11.2021 15:20
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    Guide at the staff member under, a group of persons are ex- to stop down at a log cabin.This log cabin is called hunter's cabin, here is the place that changes clothing shoes and choice material.The club will provide to hunt to pack for member, oneself can also purchase clothes existence this place.Each member has a cupboard.But hunt of material but is provided by the club.
    Gun, long bow, anti- song bow, knife, long pike and bayonet, in addition to some weapons that is large-scale to kill wound, other hunting apparatuses every kind is supplied here.The violet path keeps choosing Zhang Chang Gong, and then choose the long arrows of a tube carries on the back on the shoulder, she has been already taken precautions against in advance, the clothes on the body also need not change down.
    The autumn of the leaf isn't a member, the nature can't have the clothes that the club provides to replace.
    The fee soars to come forward to say:"I that hunting's packing always have never used.The leaf is little if the words that don't abandon, I take a leaf little changed clothes in the past."
    "Need not."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head."Wearing the western dress can also hunt."
    The leaf walks the autumn to the material room.Also chose a long bow.Took two tube arrowses to carry on the back on the body.Wanted to think.Once turned round to take a pair of again bayonet.
    The hunting is a free cent set.The fee soars to go in.The autumn of the leaf doesn't force as well.Know he does so is he and violet to talk to provide convenience.And just tonight topic leaf the autumn don't want to let as well morely the person knows.
    "Are we 1 set?"The leaf walks the autumn to the violet in front.Say with a smile.
    The violet sees a leaf's hand lift a ground of long bow and carry on the back the last arrows tube for autumn.The look in the eyes is different.But don't talk.Order.Once turn round.Took a leaf autumn to enter a hunting field.
    Hunting field and log cabin are just one wall it to separate.BE fence in ground with the wire entanglements one big slice of forest peace is original.These two genius lucks come over a ground of wild thing.The untamed nature hasn't thrown away on ground of body.This time hunt is also an incitement ground most.Wait until pass ground Be getting longer for time.These animals' having no ground feeling of impending crisis is in the primary forest.Then will produce sloth thinking.Beat again easily many.Also have no what mean.
    The color of the sky is dusk.The autumn of the leaf and violet self-reliance artistic skill.Have never taken to illuminate an equipments.The miscellaneous grass is horizontal to living on the road.The branches and leaves is exuberant.A burst of cold breeze is inheritted.Whole body top and bottom all as keep chill in deep freeze.Walk at in hazily.If not that ever and anon have otherly a troops to bring a ground of floodlight ground light beam dozen to come over.All make people doubt that this isn't a ghost a wood.
    Violet fore the noodles leads the way, leaf autumn at the behind follow.There is the business to wish to have something to do with her saying parents, but see the meaning that she have been running fast, basically didn't talk, leaf autumn also can be slowly.
    Suddenly, the violet that walks in the front stops under step son.
    The autumn of the leaf always while thinking worry, waiting to notice her action, the bodies all bump to carry on the back after her up.Although across clothes,can still feel she muscle of tight to play to slip.Go into the nose place flavor that smells a Qin person.
    Because her special, leaf autumn's sometimes neglecting violet is a women ground fact.
    Feel now, the violet isn't only only a women.And is the woman whom a pole has woman's flavor.But majority of women have no woman's flavor.
    The autumn of the leaf is just wanting apology, see the violet taking bow and pulling arrows, but having no to immediately give° the arrows projection.
    The side ear very in earnest listens to surroundings ground action, then constantly transfer the directions of the gunning of bow and arrow according to that.
    The autumn of the leaf follows arrowhead to see past, see arrive the animal in white in the distance not to be rushing forward.The forest inside is dark, see the appearance of not pure animal too much.But according to its feet color and accumulate, can also guess, it is a rabbit.
    The rabbit after running several steps grinds to a stop down to puzzle that the ground looks about everywhere.
    In the moment that it comes to a stop, the violet fiercely will pull everywhere bow string to let go, then as if did that arrows grow eyes sort to ruthlessly tie to go out.
    The misty shadow echoes but pours, the leaf autumn runs over a to see, indeed as expected is a rabbit.

  • foppery of violetDatum20.11.2021 15:16
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    The autumn of the leaf more than oncely once asks this answer.Probably, if several Yans are late some this answers that ask, he can give a perfect answer.But now, the understanding of his in the mind to this answer is also not enough clear.
    Come to Zhang world power, inebriate to lie beauty's knee.
    This is what world man all hope earnestly.Is oneself's important position also these?
    Raise head, the fee seeing Yan a few look in the eyeses brightly shiningly stare at oneself, and connecting nearby soars and 6,000 also to this problem produced interest strongly, although cover up intentionally, leaf autumn or from their look in the eyes inside to the expectation of this answer.
    The autumn of the leaf smiled to smile and said:"I want of, be you now own."
    Coronation and people of this world of victor look up at.Just such as now Yan house the privilege enjoyed is general.The victor has the power processing oneself's war booty.
    6,000 facial expression changed to change and scolded a way:"Do you calculate what things?Oneself when the time comes how die all not to know."
    "At least, other people now still live ground thoroughly.It is you to pour-but be taken off pants to cast away avenue up., To, it is said that there is still a stranger could not recognizing you six big little, unexpectedly clapped to shine on for you.Be really can not forgive.If did these photographs spread to a net up how to do?The fee soars very whole is looking at with Xia ground 6,000, a face smiles idea ground to say:"However six little need not be worried about this problem.I fear that these photograph unauthorized biographies go out, the person have already found out to take photo, offer to buy at high prices to come over.In addition to I, other persons are to have no this luck to see six little gorgeous shine on."
    "You-----Xing Fei of, we of the debt slowly calculate."6,000 facial expressions are metal gray, rage under, connect to contradictorily lend to all can not figure out.
    "Say so much."The fee soars the Song shrug of doesn't matter Bang.
    Several Yans see 6,000 leeway of falling intos and clap his shoulder and signal hint him not to have to be excited and looking at a leaf to say for autumn:"It Be getting more understand.Later and the leaf's little close opportunity will be getting more more and more.What plan does the leaf little underneath have?Hunt a park to try marksmanship?"
    Hunting the park is what east east?
    The autumn of the leaf isn't understand, have to shake head brush-off.Say oneself still needs to wait a person.
    After violet enters a field, one eye saw a leaf for autumn.Because several Yans walk up, present many people's look in the eyes has intention to not intentionally take aim toward the leaf autumn there.
    Violet next the body is a close fitting jeans, but the last body is a close fitting camouflage T-shirt, outside cover short Gua of a cowboy.While being full but fructifies, walking the shape refuses to be distracted, eccentric proud feeling from however living.
    Looking heroic bearing is direct and simple, compared with a flock of woman of flirtatious sex appeal of field son inside, many a different heroic spirit.
    The violet has no immediately and seeks a leaf for autumn, but the wine table that arrives at hall the center side, full the whisky pouring three greatest cups quaff in one gulp, make the circumferential person seeing a ground of Tang eyes tongue-tied.Originally some men still have mind to strike up a conversation and see she like this the Hao drink of shape, some hesitant.
    The man of some conquest desire mightiness' pouring is a face to interestingly conjecture her, the heroic women is like strong drink, that kind of the heavy romantic feeling isn't a general woman body up can realize.
    Three cup wine descends a belly together, this just fully satisfiedly grows long light one breath.Carry a cup wine to walk to the leaf again autumn in front, say:"Walk.Hunt a park."
    The autumn of the leaf this just understands, why the clothes foppery of violet and taste wine tonight environment and atmosphere of meeting are inharmonious, but her Hun is inattentive.
    She comes to the eyes ground here origin not for the sake of that what whisky taste wine meeting, but for the sake of behind of hunting park.
    Was early spring to just lead, Xuan Yuan will from great interest the Anne's Ling luck come over a batch of animals.Wolf, deer, rabbit and pheasant, there is even also more than 300ly big boar.Xuan Yuan will of representative director for expecting the power in these cities expensive, made many telephones call to go out.This is also why several Yans will arrive to Xuan Yuan in the tonight meeting of reason.
    Once wore a long gallery of a park type, before there is an iron gate.Led iron gate is an one forest, there is a Xuan Yuan the private hunting field of the meeting.

  • friends with mostDatum20.11.2021 14:55
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    "Return is really a Qiao.The leaf has already been little to just just make me ask about several Yans, had never thought to meet with now."The fee soars to carry cup to concentrate to say.
    No wonder that those people's attitude is thus passionate, although several Yans cannot compare with Yan pleasant breeze that to move a Yan city,is also the important person of Yan house.But 6,000 be been called Yan pleasant breeze by the drama first head soldier.Oneself of the background is not vulgar either.The ordinary people still really can not neglect 2 people's arrival.
    The leaf autumn wry smile isn't already.This returning is really hatred house where not and mutually meet.Unexpectedly will also run into them here.Tonight, the leaf autumn doesn't want to conflict with others.To him.Still have more importantly an affair to want to do.
    Obviously, the affair combines can't according to leaf autumn ground viewpoint development the bottom go.
    6,000 also discovered station at leaf in the corner autumn, the facial expression immediately and greatly changes.Wait he to recognize a pure leaf autumn nearby when the man is owner's fee of crystal temple backstage to soar hate a ground of gnash teeth in hatred more.No wonder that leaf the autumn at the beginning dare be so overbearing, originally they have already seduced together.
    6,000 after the events also looked for person to once check the background of crystal temple and got the data that the fee soars.Although the peacetime of this person is equal of low key, but the real strenght isn't very vulgar.And he and woman will of president of association the white shallow heart relate to closely.That is very strong land productivity quantity.Woman, who made effort, is what matters all can make what ground come out.
    Let more 6,000 depressed BE, his uncle just and ground an at enmity with in Teng house, the 2 people positive Dou ground gets into a hot dispute.This time which will think a way to 6,000 successful in career, just made a phone call to seek to lend to give° the crystal temple to seal to settle a disput.
    6,000 a few ears small voice said severals in the Yan, then Yan several genuine look in the eyeses throw to leaf autumn this place.And round at nearby of the person beat voice hello.2 people then walk over there here to the leaf autumn.
    Several Yans one face smiles idea ground to stretch out his/her own hand and says with a smile:"Several Yans.I've long been looking forward to meeting you leaf little name."
    The autumn of the leaf transfers the wine cup to the left hand and uses right hand and he held to hold and said:"What fame do I have?Even if have, also notorious?"
    "The leaf is little to be getting more polite.Two days ago listen to a pair of bosoms say leaf little accepted take part in her birthday party, several ways had been wanting ascend a door thank, just these two days, person in home many, didn't also have time.But have never thought to mutually please to rather fortune upon, can see a leaf little here.We still really decree by destiny."
    The autumn of the leaf some attitudes that get mixed up Yan how many, not is hear his relationship with Yan pleasant breeze very good?How to run to climb natural affection with oneself again?
    The not only only leaf autumn doesn't understand.Even several Yans nearby of 6,000 is also a hard comprehension.Although is with full intention interrogative.But is not very directly either to give° the disaffection of the in the mind to show.
    The autumn of the leaf saw one eye 6,000, say:"In plain terms say.It before and really don't know is Ms. Zhao's birthday party.I am in the past also the invitation that is subjected to a friend, bother Ms. Zhao ground fascination, should seek Ms. Zhao to apologize just right."
    "Ha ha, the leaf is little, this words say the ground considered as an outsider.I know that you relate to with Ran winter night it's quite good.The winter night shoulded once say with you?Her keeping in mind with double is the friend who is good friends with most .After, we would not° until more become intimate with become intimate with also to."
    Promise on the leaf's autumn mouth, but the in the mind makes a decision and lets people investigates several Yans this person quickly.Pass first time contact, his earth's surface still makes people hard to catch to touch than the Yan pleasant breeze now.
    "After coming back, heard some record of events with little leaf.Have been having a problem to want that directly asking a leaf is little."Several Yans one face smiles idea ground to say, the corner of mouth closing lightly is tiny to up raise, and the facial expression is handsome, one beautiful man with sheer.
    "Please speak."The leaf autumn in the mind laughs behind one's backs, on the whole is get into a positive.And these childe's the elder brotherses talk, don't before and not want a big turn son of Dou can not.The patience differs of, can give° the person a stuffy quick temper.

  • ground open widelyDatum20.11.2021 14:38
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    descended to oneself bowl chicken noodle soup, roughly ate an empress.Then washed Zao.Sit on the sofa to rest and restore energy, but the in the mind is cutting and polishing how to talk with purple river Yan.Arriving of his felling.This topic is definitely not easy.
    From river Yan purple attitude to see, she will can't tell shes to can hardly speak.
    Thought of this, the leaf autumn had some old headman of vexation again.Dry isn't he direct to tell himself/herself these matters?
    At 8:30, the telephone of leaf autumn rang, the fee soars to come over to pick up leaf to go to Xuan Yuan for autumn a meeting.
    While walking the autumn to the small area doorway, the leaf sees the wayside stop a luxurious atmosphere ground to speed a car, two public securities in the public security station stretch forward to explore a brain to look about.A face envies.
    See the peacetime open the son ground of the east leaf autumn the swagger ground walk over there, one wears black western dress facial appearance may the comparing a star ground man of Hollywood respectully draw back a car door for him, 2 people's one face is surprised.The person packs Ma Kao An with dress, the person in nowadays not only want only depend the dress pack to set off himself/herself, car also is a the public appearance is importantly.
    Before although they had no and leaf the autumn conflicted.But to his attitude also not calculate like.See come hereafter get a look in the eyes to put a bright hall, can not give offense to him.
    The car is spacious and comfortable, depend in softly sitting chair, hearing the place is a car to carry a stereo set if have if have no of song voice.Fee's soaring don't try in taking out a cigar to ask a leaf to want for autumn from the cupboard drawer, the leaf autumn puts a hand.Hence the fee soars again from scold to take out a cigarette to spread in pocket is 1 for leaf autumn, say:"I am to occasionally take out a cigar.That flavor is too heavy, can satisfy your havings a while**.But cigarette combustion of quick, after finishing taking out but make people feel idea still end exert, give person some expectation."
    The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"No wonder that you can at woman field the top Be or so to meet good luck, because you can control to leave most inning.Always expect for person."
    The fee soars obviously to talk this topic in the leaf autumn in front.Say:"I looked for person to once find out, tonight 9:00 the Xuan Yuan will have small scaled whisky wine tasting meeting."
    "."The autumn of the leaf promised 1.See the violet smoke ferociously appearance, she is still such of Xiong wine?
    This woman was to don't want to live.
    The road of gold Ling.The 11th.
    Car at an ancient color for repairing the ancient joss-stick doorway sign two front doors of stone lions to come to a stop before respectively, after throwing the key to the public security in black western dress, the leaf autumn then follows a fee to soar to in walk.
    Once wore a long gallery and a bit of park, got into a building with imposingly small luxury.The small building regards the adornment style of the China country palace type as principle and occasionally embellish some can Mian up add a floral bracket lamp copper decoration and snow-white Rome pillar.Drinking whisky in the imperial palace is a business of big vulgar near big friendship.
    Is most arrestively a hall in the center that is long long once the ground open widely table and up put full various wine article of each kind, the every variety wine still has simple and direct writing introduction before the article.Use China language and English to compose respectively but become.
    Wear to cut to match a body to easily understand the ladies of full dress as if a wear to spend a butterfly, the men round Long in their surroundingses, pleasingly confabulation, slightly touch a cup, often spread a burst of laughter.
    The autumn of the leaf swept 1 turn, didn't see the figure of violet.Carried cup Whisky and fee to soar to hide in the corner, watch ground in field crowd with the carriage of an on-looker.
    Come in ground for time the leaf autumn see the carriage that the public securities is received some cars with the black cloth, he still has some to confuse to don't understand to these behavior.Wait until when he sees be present to win some bores that acquaint with a ground then knew this kind of Xuan machine.The star supermodel had some often to appear on the magazine also floods among them, they smile slightly low language, although the looks is outstanding, careful.Don't dare to have to the slightest exceed.
    Situation like this, hit the ground on crest of their head star aureole really parties not last what big use.
    When 6,000 companions wear a looks handsomely the man walked into hall, immediately drew on the present various person's attention, many people said "hello" with them in the past on his/her own initiative.Even this wine tasting will of the representative director also rushed through out and gingerly tried to please.

  • tremble outDatum19.11.2021 10:49
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    Saw a leaf an autumn of young and ability after, Huang Ying's in the mind will also move some caution think.Although the Yao succeeds of several rates are the lowest,always need to fight for for a while be not?
    So, no matter is in working and spreading and helping, in the still just living care, Huang Ying all tries hard for and attains had better.
    "Does the finance how can control in the Zhang Fu's director's hand?"There is some wrath grounds in the autumn of the leaf ask a way.
    See a leaf noodles there is angry expression for autumn, Huang Ying carefully answer way:"It is said that BE----Ascend a-term Anne and protect a director and doesn't really take care of son.All businesses from the processing of Zhang Fu director."
    The leaf hears the outside to the autumn more noisy more strong, cold face to outside walk.
    Is full-time and the assistant is like born meeting conflict, leaf director's office of the autumn and vice- director's office of Zhang Zhan belong to opposition noodles, this is also just similar to 2 people's relation, who also see who with a revolting feeling.
    Previous Anne protects a director although not pleased Zhang Zhan's behavior, 2 people still keep superficially in peace and harmony.And leaf autumn and Zhang Zhan then heart at enmity with, the noodles is also on bed terms.Meet to almost begin a beginning from the first time, behind 2 people didn't good voice the good spirit ground once talked.
    After the autumn of the leaf came, protect Anne the load of department the son all gave to pick.Although Zhang Zhan isn't glad, also at the end of one's tether.After all, officer's greater half class presses to kill a person, leaf autumn's doing ground is his matter son in the work.
    The autumn of the leaf goes out of time, other occupation positive elongation in office neck dynasty inside Chou, some people return one face bitter disaster joy the disaster ground smile an idea.
    See a leaf come out for autumn, they hurriedly sat down body, pretend to in earnest toward a computer to begin to work.
    The place of fighting is an office in Zhang Zhan in, the door greatly opens, in say of words everybody can listen to ground clear.
    "How?Are you what things?Just be ascend how many days of captain Be getting more wonderful?When it's your turn to teach me?What the matter is the most important I clear, need not you come to tell me.Those Anne protects measure importance, for the employee make to order new work to pack the welfare of issuing the Chinese New Year Be getting ofer no account?"
    The voice of Zhang Zhan's asperity spread out.He learned cleverness now, knew that the leaf probably up also has backstage for autumn, and the uncle specially orders excessive, talking to work can not persist doing, pay attention to technique.No matter do anything, all want to have a reason word.Didn't manage to also want to seek a reason, so then he can help to speak up.
    Zhang Zhan to the pole of leaf autumn old grudge, although have been dealing with him in the viewpoint son, the momentary half meeting son is also incapable for the dint.And Anne protect a department inside still a person also make Zhang Zhan hate to the bone, even none of old grudges at leaf autumn under.That person is Lyu Biao.
    At the beginning as he is saying that the leaf steals car to want to kick out for him for autumn, the song idea has already testified for him.Unexpectedly Lyu Biao's this goods don't know somehow and unexpectedly give°ed the true state of matter to tremble out.If he at the beginning also stands the this place is at he, leaf autumn does that still have the opportunity the position for sitting last today?
    Originally still figure way will he ground does the captain come down for Lu to kick out the person.Unexpectedly he sought to come to come on his own initiative.Make him make it lively for a ground of matter.Zhang Zhan's nature can't pass thus ground opportunity.
    "I not that for the employee make to order work to pack is as of no account as the welfare that issues Chinese New Year.But these matters can be slow a slow.The work packs to make to order again after Chinese New Year.It is not late either that time.The work made to order ground after packing is a year last year.Few days later also the mistake doesn't settle a dispute son.The Chinese New Year welfare company has already passed for us.Department inside then issue for employee.All of us are to beat mind's eye the inside is happily.But this matter son also need not hasty at momentary.Big guy son also all will comprehension ground.
    The autumn of the leaf listens to the ground coming out.Although Lyu Biao suppressed temperament intentionally.But ground in the words wrath already pretty much obvious.
    "Yao.You say how to do how do?Is this director for you?"Zhang Zhan laughs at to say.
    "You----"The blue vein keeps jumping on ground of Lyu Biao forehead.The double eye stares ground heel copper bell ground.

  • difficult protectDatum19.11.2021 10:46
    Thema von gdshutter im Forum Regeln und Informationen

    The persons of flank all curiously looking at this to lately take a post a ground of president, the youth is beautiful.Being rich can enemy country.Although arrive at the Tang for just short several days,is simply and resolute for people's impression, start to do matter to in no case drag along mire to take water.
    How was this ?
    The thunder-storm sighs 1 and comes forward to remind a way:"President, we are walking.Is Wang Dong still waiting you."
    Fruit tree Tang however head in the location, supplely sharp thin Gao Gen is suddenly heavy if thousand Juns.
    After Tang Guo leaves, a group of people starts discussing to run into president Tang ground affair.
    The men discuss Tang Guo's facial appearance, be called her group the most beautifully woman, and those movie stars are a little bit also nowise inferior to.A beauty chief executive officer is very and rare in the shopping area.
    The women then discuss her hair style.She ground dress, her qualities, the simple and direct diamond of her high-heeled shoes and her neck.They take her as idol and want mimicry, but discover to lack the ability to do.
    Return to office, the leaf autumn just sat quietly, secretary Huang Ying delivered tea and drinks.
    Anne's protecting a director's Class isn't enough to go together with a secretary, but need a person who handles a writing work, so would have such a quota.The secretary's job not only only lends support to Anne to protect a work at ordinary times.Still want and wear some writings and statistics work.
    The thou words say well:Occupy secretary stem, have no a matter stem secretary.World secretary Di's great majority is all beautiful, Huang Ying is no exception.
    One dynasty Emperor is one courtier, ascend a term Anne protect a director's secretary to adjust a logistic department to do minister assistant, Huang Ying is the secretary whom the personnel department comes down for leaf autumn adjusting from the group headquarters.Very cleverness skillfully female kid, even if don't do anything, looking at to also keep an eye.
    "Director, I steeped cup longjing for you.The weather is cold, the body of Ai Ai."Huang Ying Jiao says with a smile.
    "Thank.There is warm air.It isn't cold."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.See Huang Ying wearing weak occupation suit.Wish, you just more should the body of Ai Ai.
    Huang Ying is legendary to this to connect a superior who rise six classes very curious.Big eyes rush toward Shan to rush toward Shan ground to stare at a leaf autumn to see and say:"Leaf's director, are you just many to is big?How became a director?And just came to the Tang to make into Anne to protect a director, absolutely is a myth."
    Leaf the autumn in the mind Be dark to sigh, the woman is very in many ways hasing born advantage.Although spend two days with Huang Ying Duan, she has been being making use of her own advantage and oneself to draw near relation.
    If the man's words, absolute no one can so peacefully ask one question like this.
    "Some matters and age didn't relate to."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "Yes.I tell your record of events my friends, does none of them believe."Huang Ying Zhan where the standing gracefully ground smile, leaf although the autumn appreciates her beauty,do not have another viewpoint to her.
    The beautiful woman of world is too many, don't all impossibly be going to take place what relate to.
    2 people are saying words in the office, outside and suddenly spread to quarrel a voice.And the voice is still very big, inside Zhang Zhan Di's voice particularly of sharp.
    Here although is an underground 1 F, also difficult protect can't have customer to come over a parking.The Tang's customer is mostly some old always or item representative director, if Anne protects a department to noisily get into a hot dispute, unavoidably will influence the Tang's geography elephant as well.
    The autumn of the leaf was still only wrinkly next eyebrow, Huang Ying has already cannily said:"Director, I go out and see."
    Huang Ying after going out in a short while came in again and made collective report a way to the leaf autumn:"The director is Zhang Zhan Fu's director and captain is contending for holding."
    Is this piece exhibition again, leaf the autumn Be reluctantly wrinkly to knit the brows.Sooner or later want to give° him to kick out.It is bad soup to is really a rat.
    "Because of why does the matter dispute suspicion?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
    "The director put forward many modifications to suggest to the mansion today, captains all did a record.Prepare to seek finance appropriation, need the whole place for changing to carry on to these perfect.But, Zhang Zhan Fu's director says that money wants to stir to do the welfare in Chinese New Year for the employees and purchases to lately pack ground, different idea batch."Huang Ying goes out behind and then finds out an affair know, so the leaf autumn starts to ask,

  • notebook will needDatum19.11.2021 10:43
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    Several Yans the cousin who is a Yan pleasant breeze, although 2 people is together all Yan, also is a big Yan house ground young master.But the young and old is different from, the Yan pleasant breeze is permitted for Yan being little, but several Yans having no this extremely by the your respectful name.He look like the don't care also this, the relationship with cousin has been all very good.
    Today end marriage wife Zhao Shuang bosom birthday he didn't pass by, on the contrary here and cousin Yan pleasant breeze chat.Don't know at talk what.
    The Yan pleasant breeze point nods and says with a smile:"6,000, you stop worrying.Have we ever when once suffered a los?"
    The woman is tranquil and enjoyable to start, raise the red wine in the cup, say:"Here's to victory."
    "Here's to victory."
    The cup collides together and sends out pleasing ground of sound.
    The autumn of the leaf fore the noodles walks, after death was the captain Li Da Dun Zhu of Lyu Biao Fu who just took a post to serve as two groups of captainses and other few Anne to protect a member.
    "The well ventilated bore position here establishes not right.Open as far as possible a ground of a little bit high, outside still need to add 1 F to guard against theft net."
    "Do these positions all belong to the scope of video frequency supervision?This is the main trunk highway, the supervision is normal.But if there is crime.Crime member will especially the idea avoid.Can also install to shoot to be like a head in some concealment positions."
    "The fire escape fire prevention facilities has been overdue, why haven't changed?Although fire escape now utilization rate pole bottom, want to prevent°fro in case of.Still have, know will logistic department, look for person to be responsible for cleaning up every day."
    The autumn of the leaf takes a group of people to go around and inspect the whole mansion, indeed as expected not he anticipate, although some thing Anne of clear side protect a department do a good job,be placed in inside in the corner of some necessarily measure but do ground not very good enough.This and China the state of the nation of the country is similar, all people are holding official post the article of noodles.It is making image engineering.But those are placed in inside in the corner.Really influence the whole mansion whether tilt to one side or concealment place but no man tumbling down ask about.
    Those at first to leaf autumn the rocket sort rose job speed to still have some dissatisfied persons to are to admire sincerely to take orally now, expert an export.Know to have.The this leaf autumn indeed as expected isn't a light of province oil, he freely lifts some improvements of ground to suggest all to be neglected ground by them at ordinary times.But after being reminded, discover those aring neglected of thing again very importance.
    "Leaf's director is profession to be from.This is together and really our negligences."Anne protects a work member of department from the heartly praise way.
    "Yes.I worked for three years at the Tang.Still never a leadership mentions these problems."Leaf's director can connect to rise several, still have truly learned of."
    Leaf the autumn in the mind is dark happy, been really good by the felling for flattering.
    Lyu Biao also really admires a leaf for autumn, but these words he cans not say it.
    After song idea leaves, leaf the autumn promote the captain that he is Anne to protect two brigades.The boorish contains the thanksgiving method of boorish, his being following a leaf to listen to his ground explain in detail for autumn and taking notebook will need to improve a ground of places to all record down.
    Before arriving at the safe elevator of underground parking lot chief executive officer appropriation, the leaf autumn conjectured on all sides and said:"The safe measure is still not enough perfect.The underground parking lot is so big.Being difficult to protect can't become an observant and conscientious person to make use of a ground of place.The end makes the car able to directly arrive elevator doorway.As long as the car can enter elevator all of a sudden, while need not Rao wears the so far road of walking."
    BE saying, elevator door tinkling one rings out.
    Then is two black dress men one face vigilance the ground walked out and separated two sides to stand, immediately after is again two bodyguards to be come out.
    Finally come out of is Tang Guo in occupation suit and she ground assistant thunder-storm.The bodyguard following behind a leaf for autumn after death sees is a chief executive officer to arrive, immediately be like beat chicken blood, raise head to stick out chest of the station is beside.
    Tang Guo's hasing never thought will meet a leaf for autumn here, the in the mind is pleasantly surprised.Want to come forward to go to talk with him, but the throat is dry, suddenly, lost the ability of language expression.

  • wine to sendDatum19.11.2021 10:39
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    One house human face face reading Qu, everybody wants to diligently see a clear leaf an autumn that equanimity facial expression to below conceal a ground of thing.
    This be regarded as he sends toward the Yan of backstroke?
    After, perhaps the conflict will be more vigorous.
    After party spreads, joy and Lee greatly strengthen and returned to company.The period of the holiday, bedroom in the school disallows accommodation.Want to stay overnight, also need a special application.
    The leaf sits on the Ran autumn a winter night car in, the apology ground says:"Thus can't the meeting make you difficult?"
    "Double bosom will comprehension ground."The Ran smiles to comfort winter night."The process of the affair we all saw.The responsibility isn't on you."
    The autumn of the leaf shakes head."I also really have other eyes ground."
    "I saw out.You is be not with 6,000 have enemy?"Ran one face concerns ground to ask a way winter night.
    "I have no enemy with him.But and he behind of the person is some antinomy."His main son?6,000 should belong to a Yan parties?You and does the Yan pleasant breeze have an antinomy?"Ran winter night ponder in a short while, ask a way.She isn't too different from the elder sister, pay attention to the factional conflict in the Yan city at ordinary times.The business of Yan pleasant breeze conflict of leaf autumn has no to spread to Ran winter night ear inside.
    "You are still similar to the past good.Need not Chan with come in."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "Use my help?6,000 although behave frivolous.But the background pours is allow of no small Qu."
    The autumn of the leaf shakes head and says:"I will solve by myself.Don't talk this problem."
    The Ran Xi smiles and says winter night:"Good.Listen to your ground.The autumn of the leaf, which is the your old house ?Doesn't New Year's Day return to?One personal New Year's Day is much pitiful."
    The mind of leaf autumn has a short moment of absentminded, say:"It doesn't matter.I become accustomed to."
    Winter night the Ran idea turns, but looking at a leaf for autumn fall the face of Mo don't talk.
    The autumn of the leaf returns to after his/her own house, and then washes a Zao.Thought in a short while, still dialed the fee soars of telephone.
    "The matter that takes place tonight you knew?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
    "Know.Leaf little this skill very relentless.6,000 is the vanguard officer of Yan pleasant breeze, is ruthlessly tantamount to send a person in the Yan ground this time face up stired up one box on the ear.It is said that 6,000 be thrown till the time on the street .The pants all dropped.Return be clapped to shine on."The fee soars tiny took respectully voice to spread to come over.
    "Have trouble?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.Pour is have never thoughted of behind occurrence of business.
    The fee soars silent in a short while.Say:"Have a little.6 contains a pre-eminent person, maybe not cope with.However.If they really seek to come, the fee house will also do a some matters express our ground toward the little leaf of sincerity."
    "Good."The autumn of the leaf hangs up a telephone.
    6,000 throw so greatly ugly, don't directly go home.Is afraid be called down by the family.At crystal temple doorway ruthlessly Cui it after the one mouthful, drive to rush through to the impregnable city area.
    Is European in one luxuriously hospital doorway in the Chuang come to a stop, Wei in the door recognizes 6,000 is the frequent caller of Yan pleasant breeze, then wave hand to let go.
    6,000 stop car well after, one face grief and indignation the ground walk over there to the villa hall.
    "The Yan is little at?"6,000 ask station's servant at the door.
    "The young master waits for many."Servant in black full dress one face respectully answers a way, the body is tiny to bend.A see be once be subjected to westernly occupation servant education.
    Sit three people in hall.Two males one female.
    The Yan pleasant breeze sees 6,000, stood to start to pour cup wine to send over there in person, say:"BE just preparing to make a phone call to seek you to drink, have never thought you to come for you.You ground nose so sharp, can smell me have here how many brought back from the United States come of good wine?"
    Handsomely the plentiful absolute being man carries a wine cup station to start, go to and 6,000 touch a cup, say:"6,000, the occurrence matter son like this I am accountable.Today is the birthday of double bosom, you is to wish a life to just be subjected to what person humiliate for her.Stop worrying.This field son I beg for back for you."
    6,000 full stomach wraths a while eliminate ground about, but think of a leaf to hate desire more to place it at the hopeless situation for autumn.Carried cup and several Yans to touch a cup, one stem but exert behind.Say:"This guy is too overbearing.All don't know that the title sees his where.

  • pour to and seeDatum19.11.2021 10:36
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    the bottles will point to 6,000.The autumn of the leaf and others changes a good many persons position to also have no to escape ground to open this kind of bad luck.Other persons even if want to perform to all have no opportunity at a time.
    "6,000, get to reserved box the outside yells three I am GAY."
    "6,000.Strip off the pants, be dressed in pants to crystal temple streaking 1 turn in doorway."
    "6,000, go to a crystal temple hall and embrace a post to do a steel pipe dance."
    6,000 be tossed about of utterly exhausted, allly the person returns one face cajolery the ground looking at him and make him burning with anger more and scold the ground say:"Mama's ground.Don't have fun.It is unorthodox."
    "Doing not have fun can.Concluded the debt this time first."The autumn of the leaf carries a cup red wine and leisurely says.
    6,000 have never thought calmness a night of leaf the autumn will suddenly speak up, and that kind of peacefully the tone make him catch more wildly.
    Oneself is like a monkey tonight performed an one and other embarrassing to people program, had already suppressed one belly fire.This time already forget a leaf for autumn at the beginning to his pressure, loudly scold a way:"Do you calculate what things?It is my business to do or not, when it's your turn to take care of?"
    "Feed, 6,000, how do you talk?Before is what you say, wish wager to concede defeat, round to who all forbid to push something to take off.Oneself now plays to depend on still reason keep spirit strong?Really shameless?"The autumn of the leaf doesn't speak up of time, the Ran is also like one winter night the meekly little wife is similar to sit at him nearby.Hear 6,000 rightnesses of leaves denounce openly for autumn, the Ran can't is getting more polite to him, either winter night.
    "Ran winter night, I say that he closes you what matter?What person is he you?"6,000 would not like to give offense to Ran winter night, to Ran the elder sister winter night be also very afraid of, so the tone for talking weakened for several cents.
    "Certainly have relation with me.The autumn of the leaf is my friend, my invitation to come to ground guest, you humiliate him to is tantamount to humiliate me."Ran the Hao not and mutually let winter night.
    The autumn of the leaf claps Ran the arm winter night, signal hint her not to have to be too excited.See to 6,000 say:"You once said, who gameness, will bind to begin feet to throw to go out.BE be not?"
    6,000 sits down, the inclined Piao wears for autumn, and the leaf challenges ground to say:"Is that I say ground.How to wear?I pour to and see, who dare to throw me to go out?"
    Being like their these people is in some conflict on the quarrel to pour is the matter that often has.But if bound a person to throw to go out, that was tantamount to thoroughly become enemies with.And, this isn't only only the other party of conflict to become enemies with.It even is two factions and extension to carry on collision in two person's veins of factions.
    The leaf autumn point nods, from the pocket in took out a cellular phone to beat a telephone.In a short while of effort.Reserved box ground the door be pushed away, the bushy beard got several mans who wear black western dress to walk to come in.
    The autumn of the leaf pointed to point 6,000 and said:"Tie~up.Throw to go out."
    The bushy beard promised 1 and got to begin bottom to 6,000 walk over there.
    See a leaf for autumn and 6,000 conflict, Zhao Shuang's bosom advises a Zu way:"Being two don't harm compatibly.Canning take part in this is all friend of double bosom.Will make me difficult so."
    "Double elder sister Huai, you need not difficult.I pour to and see, who dare to throw me to go out."6,001 face despise the ground say.
    Once turned a face to see toward the bushy beard, occupied vantage pointed ground to say:"What person are you ?"
    See the foppery and the interphone on the body of after death a few men of bushy beard.Squint Jing sneer:"You are that the grounds are here hatchet man?Who is your owner ?Let him come over to see me.If your stores still want to continue to keep on opening, hurriedly from roll out for me here."
    The bushy beard is silent not should, hands forward an explore.A hold tight his collar of dress.Then take out his leather belt down, the benefit Suo ground bound hand and foot.Once the list hand lift, will he is from the sofa Ye get up.Backward on throwing, after death a few big fellows connect over there.Lift and then outwardly walk.
    "Etc.."Zhao Shuang blocks bosom at the door.The beautiful eyes change direction for autumn, the leaf asks a way:"Do you really decide and do so?"
    The leaf autumn point nods."I just give him an opportunity to carry out a promise.Bothered you ground birthday party, I am very sorry.Certainly have a report in the days to come."
    Zhao Shuang's bosom lightly sighs 1 and stepped aside front door.
    Once the bushy beard wave hand, several individuals lifted to land thousand to go out.

  • Strip teaseDatum19.11.2021 10:32
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    Lee greatly strengthens an one mouthful to drink the red wine in the cup bottom, straightforwardly say with a smile:"Have fun and then have fun.Who afraid who?Greatly not the light wear the bottom go out streaking."
    See a leaf for autumn and he ground the friend didn't step back, 6,000 corner of mouths started to float one silk cold idea.These bumpkin, the foolish meeting son doesn't want to seek an opportunity to have fun to die them.
    Water one color in the sky is the sovereign reserved box of crystal temple, decoratively luxury imposing style, the space is also enough spacious.It only is that to open widely ground some exaggerated marble tables to enough accept 2310 people to surround but sit.
    A person in the house rounds to sit by the side of the table, Liu Han Bing puts a red wine bottle for getting empty in the table in the center.The bewitching smile writes to say:"See who to is our first lucky."
    Liu Han Bing finishes saying and slightly turns a bottle of, the bottle turns to move on the smooth marble table.
    The bottle is a disease first to soon turn, immediately after become of the radian is more and more slow, more and more slow, then slowly stopped down.
    Let what people came as a big surprise BE, the bottle unexpectedly pointed to Liu Han Bing.
    Is public to bomb a cachinnation, Liu Han Bing's bitterness says with a smile:"Bring disaster to self, can not live.Come.My Huo is past today.You make out questions.Can leisurely wear to order.Otherwise I can Rao not you."
    6,000:"Stop worrying.We need not your Rao.The dance that knows Han ice jumps a ground of quite good.Come to do a strip tease for everyone."
    A group of persons warmly respond to, the beautiful eyes of Liu Han Bing ruthlessly stared 6,001 eyes.Scold a way:"6,000, foolish meeting son you make in the my hand, I canned be Don't mentioned it."
    Say so, Liu Han Bing still a station rises body and give°ed the headlight of room to close, leaves gloomily small light lighting, after ordering the song of head intense emotion, the person had already in the center started intense emotion ground dancing in the reserved box.
    6,000 say quite goodly, Liu Han Bing ground the dance really jumps a ground of quite good.
    Her person is original long the ground have much of a Sao Mei deeply flavor, and be dressed in purple full dress, aureate Gao Gen's shoes, twist to start a waist limb.The whole soft breastses all follow a top and bottom to rise and fall, sometimes all letting people worried about that rabbits will jump a clothes outside.
    It is a DJ song to also put ground just on the television screen, on the television a few women at wildly dance, Liu Han Bing fore the noodles is like that get dancer.Be like pass by special training general, put a head, jilt hair and twist a waist limb.Bring up skirt to put, soft breasts rises and falls Fu, thigh desire the dew is tiny to expose, really is sexy of pole.
    When the dance music on the television ends, Liu Han Bing also ends a personal performance by a gorgeous action.The facial expression Fei is red, be short of breath, greatly in winter, forehead all 1 F close sweat bead.Even wants that personal full dress the sweat is wet general, more charmingly feminine and stirring.
    Everyone warmly applauses.6,000 call a way:"Do not go.Don't go.Strip tease how only have action, don't take off clothes?"
    Liu Han Bing wore body evening dress, if stripped off the clothes.Can be getting more naked.
    "6,000, you die.Return to see your woman going."Liu Han Bing's facial expression embarrassedly says.
    "Yes 6,000.Want so to see Han ice of naked, that pursues."
    "Good good.Today is the birthday of double bosom, everyone doesn't have to be angry."
    6,000 also feel own words some excessive, would not like to a person in the house all give give offense to, say with a smile:"Open a fun just.Don't take seriously.Come, we continue to play games."
    Liu Han Bing again turns a bottle of, public anxiously wait for nextly judgment.
    Bottle the ground operation speed is more and more slow, while willing once turn 6,000.Be like wanted to once make an effort fierce ground, the bottle backs back again.

  • personally this kindDatum18.11.2021 03:13
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    "Three minutes."The autumn of the leaf says, then walks to the window way a side and carries the lights Lan that the body looking at an outside Shan.Fee's soaring to come over here to pass is a smoke for leaf autumn, 2 people spark to take out.
    After death is a lightning flash Pa ground sound, also someone is stuffy to hum of voice.Just gold's becoming Yu ground mouth be blocked up, can't produce a sound.
    Three minutes arrive after, leaf autumn just once turn round, looking at to pour to become the gold of one regiment lousy mire in the ground last Tan Yu.Say:"Why on earth?I want knowing thing and always know ground."
    The autumn of the leaf becomes a gold, the Yu lifts from the ground and soars to say to the fee:"I want alone and he is foolish several minutes."
    The fee soared a ground of bodyguard bushy beard to immediately push away a room, this was the bedroom that the gold becomes Yu.
    Leaf autumn Pie the bushy beard is one eye, wish, this bastard can't be think that he or she wants to become Yu to get along with alone with gold is think a coprology he?
    Close a room door, the leaf autumn becomes a gold the Yu cast away a bed up, then a pulled the towel on the his mouth.
    "You----Want----Do what?"Bushy beard their starting a pole have been already paid attention to, since can make people feel awl noble-minded ache.The but again can't make you faint.
    The gold becomes Yu to unexpectedly feel that the body is to want to spread to be general, it is thus clear that arrive leaf the autumn draw in he to room alone, still surprised exhale a voice.
    "Trust.I will be very gentle and soft."Ye Qiu says and starts to grasp a gold and becomes the hair of the Yu, mind concentration, the platinum ring in the hand sends forth an a way silvery only dizzy as the mercury ground, top that row uncannily the letter of alphabet turn and move as the living creature particularly.
    The gold becomes the brain of Yu be like as to it's open completely ocean, allow it at in roam about at pleasure.And, let leaf for autumn feel oddly BE.Before if while loving a soul ring use.Other people brain ground data can a brains receive, is regardless happy.Or happy.Being useful is generally still garbage information, like a replication to glue to stick, all poured to come in.
    Linger effect like that be, after finishing using each time, the leaf autumns all have the felling that a kind of body takes off a dint sort.And the brain is dizzy deeply, sometimes see too many dirty things, even disgustedly want to vomit.
    True of circumstance BE, reality compare novel more YY.Only unexpectatively, your having no mankind to do doesn't come out.
    The circumstance this time but not to, the leaf autumn can control to pick up the progress of information.Even he ability he therein look for an useful information, don't need to completely make duplicate it to oneself brain inside.
    This the felling is very wonderful, positive such as you pick up shell in the seaside.The felling in past be, as long as you step to go into this waters, so all shells of this waters will be automatic to to your pocket run.It is very heavy, but can not refuse.Grow be raped a ground of felling.
    But now then you need to pick up to draw from F to like a ground of shell good, don't like of can not.The active power controls a hand at your ground in, if don't like, can refuse that some shells get into their own pockets.
    The autumn of the leaf is still experiencing personally this kind of time, suddenly the heart starts violently jumping to move, the body takes off strength.Then quick of became the consciousness nautical mile of Yu to back out from the gold.The ring of finger isn't the soft white ray of light any more, but red brighten to make.
    The autumn of the leaf is given by this kind of condition shocked.He gets this ring so for several years and still keeps appearing a circumstance like this for the first time.
    Is this exactly a son what is the row?
    Not only is only an autumn of leaf, even the gold becomes Yu also and stares your book eyes to see toward leaf's autumn hand suddenly red brighten to make a ground of ring.Although he doesn't know this ring to just and unexpectedly once trail and discover his memory sea,the ring in the hand bursts upon red light, this condition also really makes people feeling uncanny.
    The gold becomes Yu to stay.
    The autumn of the leaf is used to wear the hand of white gloves to block his neck.Then once make an effort, Mao Mao ground the sound spread, gold's becoming Yu ground body is soft to pour on the bed.
    The autumn a person of leaf comes out the time of door, all people all throw view on him.

  • basically can not moveDatum18.11.2021 03:09
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    On Monday, on Wednesday, Friday, every Wednesday time.
    And, 2 people still check, when he is in other places always can't to the vegetables type is interested in.
    If return to consider as Ma Wei is a common run of people to treat of words, probably this very small detection is really unworthy a lift.But since have been already known Ma Wei be the notorious reputation He He ground director, so the ground Be small to discover to be worth person's considering.
    The dragon of the person and fly Feng the company measured some kind of.Then start carrying on a survey towards roasting a store, and pass ISEE long range supervision technique to deliver an information to carry on supervision towards roasting the havings of store outwardly.Telephone information, cellular phone signal and network and everything of other will use the equipments of electronics.
    2 people still in person arrive inside in the store experience, and in stupid lacking innovation way at surroundings beat to turn.They still discover an important characteristics be, the owner of this store is a Korean, the name is called a gold to become Yu.Gold's becoming Yu is the owner whom Korea roasts a store, but never participates in the management of store.And have no social parties, deeply reside Jian Chu, badly now ho.
    Last night, the ISSE spider's net system up and suddenly caught to a mosquito.Open that.The detection is one to send to encrypt an information.This information encrypts skill very deluxe, person's dragon momentary half will the son can't crack, but this is also good enough to explain gold become the Yu has a problem.
    Say again, they aren't American polices again, don't would not° until collect evidence catch a person.They are Chinas country police, as long as feeling that you have a suspicion, can grasp you first on the hand to start reviewing Xun.With their interrogate a way, the not exactly will check not to come out some problems.
    The autumn of the leaf entered a living room that completely is repaired with Korean style, wood floor.Short and small kitchen cabinet and bookcase.Spreads on the ground several short and provide the person with the soft mat of the rest.A men are bound letter with the rope, the mouthful is a blood.There are still on the ground a few broken up teeth.
    See a leaf's view note the tooth of ground for autumn, person's dragon aside country explanation way:"Is just in case, we adopted to suddenly assault a place type.Is afraid he also with otherly the person Be similar to commit by poison to commit suicide, his teeth all to pull out.The inside equally has a poisonous tooth."
    Leaf autumn satisfied head in the location, after canning reach a task under oneself so quick obtain result like this, they is very diligently.
    The leaf wears on the left hand the gloves that the autumn once connected a fee to soar to pass over here.Then walk to the gold to become the in front of Yu, start to grasp his hair with the left hand, let his face with an upward exposure Yang wear, be convenient for oneself to conjecture he.
    The cheeks is plump, the forehead a little bit bulges, and the lips are tiny thick.The skin color contains the pallor to grow abnormal state.Is cultured and cultured, it is an university to look to be different from roast a store owner, is like also a professor.But, who can thought of, this person will be a Die report member?
    "The meeting can't speak China language?"The autumn of the leaf looking at his grounds eyes to ask a way.
    "Who are you ?Why----Intrude into my home?"The gold becomes Yu to indignantly ask a way, because the tooth was pulled out a quite a few by the compulsive sex ground.So talk some leak air.
    Hear he speak that the ground is a China language, leaf the autumn trusted.Say:"You should know who I am.Now, should be that you tell a my ground identity just right."
    "I am incognizant you."The gold becomes Yu to want to shake head, hair but drive leaf autumn to grasp, basically can not move.
    "See to you still not enough cleverness."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"If have no tangibly evidence, will intrude into to cause undesired agitation?We intercepted and seized you send to the United States of encrypt an information, from the your mouth in pull out a poison tooth-if you again not and in plain terms words, I think that you have the means that the necessity tastes to take a shot us."
    "I know that your these people is affirmative to once be subjected to the most ruthlessness training.Can experience ground to live an interrogating of any degree method, rightness?"
    "I don't know anything.I don't know anything.I want to see my lawyer, I want to complain to the embassy.You----BE injuring the comity of two countries like this.Our Korea will beg for toward your nation once justice."The gold becomes Yu loudly the way of Rang Rang.

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    Is broad flatly plain, a huge monster speeds in the runway, from slow and quick, then the machine head fiercely start to pull, the whole fuselage is like an exhibition wings the big bird sort ground fly to air.Pull Gao, pull Gao again, until completely drown in this blackness, the eyesight of leaf autumn can not see its figure is either.
    Being blue can the heart walked, at just this airplane in.
    Because leaving a ground of person a while is too many, the leaf autumn sometimes always has some sad leaves to harm an autumn, even if blue can the heart is in person what oneself sends to walk, and is a brief separation, leaf autumn in the mind still a bit tiny lose.
    How to more and more be like a Niangs?
    Shook to shake head, apply a body the moral culture windbreaker coat in black bind tightly, leaf the autumn outside walk to the airport.
    The cellular phone in the pocket rang, the leaf autumn touched out on seeing, was a number that owns special mark.The telephone number of leaf autumn knows of the person is quite a little, the Yao is a friend, and wanting the Yao is some very special persons.These person who are special has no name and only have serial number.
    "What matter?"
    "Host, we just discovered some interested in things to you."A men deep and lowly the voice spread to come over.
    "Water wood university.Korea roasts a store."
    This address lets leaf a bit surprised for autumn.They unexpectedly the public situation is used as that kind of base.Return is really by surprise.
    Hang up a telephone.The autumn of the leaf immediately drives the car is toward roasting a store to rush through.
    Now is exactly have supper ground high peak to expect.Roast store many callers.The foreign monk likes to chant Buddhist scripture.Many China the peoples to the this kind of foreign country romantic feeling ground food feeling have a clock only.It is always all enough little to pay tribute a ground of guest here.In water wood university ground a line of stores in doorway.It is particularly prosperous to hang foreign name ground store business.
    The autumn of the leaf opens car to roast process in the store doorway from Korea.It is hesitating how to go in for a ground of time.Turn Cape place to appear to together acquaint with a ground of shadow of human figure.
    The autumn of the leaf stops car at a boutique doorway.But have never entered to go shopping.After getting off.Follow a front ground the person is from the on the side pass by.Arrived at to roast store ground back door.All this row stores adoption ground is front store after type in the house place.The front can be been used to consider as store.The behind is a living quarter.
    The back door subway door opens.2 wears a black western dress ground man to stand on the doorway.
    "Host please.They all at in."Flew a Feng station to do a signal of invitation by the side of the door.
    The leaf autumn point nods, the noodles has no facial expression ground to go straight up.
    After leaf comes in autumn, two black dress persons are another left a rightly drive they to close, don't send out any voice.
    Ascend the second floor.Acquaintance a while many get up.The fee soars, person's dragon, bushy beard and still have severals and leaf the autumn once exchanged blows of the men all wait doorway at the stairs way.
    "What about person?"The autumn of the leaf also not to the opportunity that they salute, make a noise to ask a way.
    "In the upstairs."The fee soars to say with a smile.
    "Lead the way."The autumn of the leaf waves hand to say.Ma Wei after unscrupulously directing the river city square affairs for a day aroused highly an attention.The department concerned immediately established a survey set and incubated Ma Wei in all remaining confederates' bases of Yan city and other cities to round up all at one fell swoop.
    Can neither exception, each arrive an all fail to meet.Being not those participants can have opportunity to escape, but the sanctions that they all chose to commit by poison to commit suicide to evade China country law.
    Have no one to live, they what data can't get as well.Department concerned height value, and basic this affairs established special fact-finding organ and carried on a tracking survey to this time affairs over a long period of time.Try hard for revivification true facts.
    Leaf autumn hasty Nu psychological attack, which can wait until department concerned to give true facts does the survey come out?Right away let the fee soar to participate in the survey of this affair with Long Feng in others.And also know meeting violet squad, request their person to pay attention to this matter.
    Say to come the Qiao is also.In the person Long Feng is to track and antisubmarine prostrate on the ground an expert.Their 2 people after getting the data of Ma Wei Di, as to it's immediately the activity in half year carry on analysis and combination.

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    It is regrettable.He is as old as oneself.Otherwise.Can will he and this the Tang's promise the earth the family possessions handed over inside in the daughter's hand together.
    These year Tang Bu Yi also recruited many talented persons for Tang Guo.Oneself also developed a lot.All of the these people's ground ability is top-gradely.While waiting until oneself to hand over the Tang to the inside of Tang Guo Shou.They can develop should have a ground of energy.The Tang.Afraid is again make the ground fly more.
    Tang Bu Yi believes his/her own daughter and was like him to would like to hit before he's all wealth to come up to be provided for daughter to operate generally.She waits for a daughter too long.Also the expectation ground is too long.However, since the daughter would not like to get into commercial circles this time, he can't force, either.
    But, Tang Bu Yi has been having no to find out to be like Wang Bo the person like this can be considered as his/her own confident or shadow by Tang Guo, her anythings all can the arrangement ground is secure appropriate to be of, and the loyalty has no problem.
    The person like this was too difficult to seek.It is may come with luck.
    The autumn of the leaf's pouring is very suitablely a candidate, but his identity too sensitive.It is oneself to afraid not this small temple inside can permit nextly.
    "Where was the autumn of the leaf gone to?Want to make a telephone call to ask 1?"Tang Bu Yi asks a way.
    He knows leaf for autumn of background, also believes his ground ability.If while going out they can have a leaf is nearby accompanying for autumn.Safety up should have no problem.
    "I make a phone call."Chen Mo Nong stands up and took his/her own cellular phone from the table of cocktail cabinet side and stired a dozen of leaves for autumn of telephone."Execuse me, your stiring the telephone of dozen has already shut down."Served a young lady mechanically voice to spread to come over.
    Chen Mo Nong's in the mind is some lose, but don't express on the face, say:"The telephone of leaf autumn shut down.May be in the favour."
    "Hum, what's the hurry?Affirm again is accompany that bad woman."Lin Bao Er Jue wears a small mouth to say.
    Tang Bu Yi's station starts to say:"Leave.Today affirmation of street very noisy, river city square in sky will someone display fireworks, we walked in the past.Wang Bo protects.Should can't have what problem."
    Tang Bu Yi really don't know Tang Guo of so wait for a leaf for autumn not is for the sake of get his protection, but have another diagram.Chen Mo Nong doesn't know is proceed from what eyes ground, also had intention to conceal this.
    A group of people goes by car to arrive at a Yan city river city square for sky, have already pushed a ground of huge crowd here.The promise big square gathers full person, someone wears Christmas hat and white beard to dress up as to do Santa Claus, and someone wears various each mask with strange kind, someone raises a riot of colour ground the balloon loudly clamor, someone is setting off a smoke flower.Square emotionally wrought uply in music voice, someone just dances along with music.Joyful rhythm and farcically the action constantly influence a surrounding joining of person.And along with dance of person also more and more.
    "Return today be really noisy.Have never seen to arrive a so noisy condition for a long time."Tang Bu Yi fondly looking at one faces curious watch everywhere of Tang Guo, tiny say with a smile.H'm.We also seldom come out.The nest almost suppress in the house crazy.If the Mo thick elder sister also comes out of words.It Be getting soer much the better.Unfortunately she doesn't like to be noisy.Treasure son, we dance."Tang Guo towards Lin Bao Er to wave hand, two girl son hand in hands ran into dance floor to in the center go.
    Wang Bo Yi face vigilance the ground protect at nearby, Tang Bu Yi has already wished to remind severals and wants to make Tang Bu Yi wear a daughter to leave this kind of dangerous factor too highland place.But the words arrive a mouth side, but how also can not say it.
    He always the heel is in the master nearby, know Tang Bu Yi have much long-term don't like this have a reunion with daughter.Be used as an old man who had some ages, he has no reason brush-off host this request.
    Ma Wei stands on the building of great Wei square to take over, constantly someone give°s the message to deliver to he.
    "Report director, rat hole, the location of the target is river city square in a sky now."
    "Report director, young the rat go out to look for a food.Be on the ninth responsible for approaching."
    "The report directs.Have already approached young rat on the ninth, and and she benignity hello."

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    "Need not."The Ran shakes head winter night, on the head there is on that little redhood fasten the red Rong ball of hitting the ground with the line.When she shakes head, that red Rong ball follows an or so swing.
    "Forbid to wish?"
    "Allow.Can also allow in the outside.I think that God will hear."The Ran once talks winter night, then a face in earnest shut last eyes.Light shines on a face at her ground up, the powder makeup jade Zhuo, the skin color is like jade, long long ground the eyelash be like to block peach blossom sort eyelids, suddenly Shan suddenly Shan of, shape can the person's pole.
    See her seriously and in earnest appearance, the leaf autumn originally wants to laugh at her 2.But don't know what is the row son, how can not also open.Just one face smile the ground stand at nearby, she invades to block those to have intention to come over to have some cheap guys for her.
    Lead a minute, Ran winter night just one face smile the ground opened eyes and said with a smile:"I make a wishes.You are probably an and work properly very much of."
    "Allowed what to wish?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
    The Ran shakes head winter night and says:"Can not speak.Is otherwise ineffective."
    The Ran comes forward Wan generously and wears a leaf for autumn winter night of arm, say:"Time is it's yet early.We go shopping not very good?I want to eat a plums wrapped in syrup on sticks and also need to eat ice-cream."
    The autumn of the leaf hesitated for a while.Still promise.Say:"Good."
    Ran winter night although the face that didn't see a leaf for autumn, still feel his inside in the words of hesitant.Noiselessly sigh.
    The autumn of the leaf, I allow of wishes BE, hope that we are together.God heard, did you hear?
    Tang Guo is also keeping seeing form while chatting with father.This action draw Tang Bu Yi's attention and smiled to ask a way:"Baby's daughter, how?And dad ground did the chat all have no time?
    "Be not dad's ground."Tang Guo Jiao says with a smile."Is an autumn of leaf, he still promises to take us to go out and see while having dinner, still don't come back till this time."
    If the just still murky nap of Lin Bao Er hear Tang Guo, the spirit came right away a while, and Zheng your book eyes said:"Tang Tang's elder sister, the leaf autumn affirms and goes a red almond wall."
    "This damned guy talks not to calculate words."Tang Guo depressedly says.
    Tang Bu Yi thinks of for this period of time, daughter because kidnap affairs have been surrounding in the home, but oneself because the work favour have never seen her, really isn't an employable father and hesitate a burst of, a face smiles idea ground to say:"Where do you want to go?I accompany you to go out today."
    "True dad's ground?Do you want to take me to go out to have fun?"Tang Guo happily called.In her memory, the father takes the history that she goes out to play to still need to trace back to 12 before the year olds, from that after, the father has never accompanied he or she to go out to once have fun any further.
    Although she has already grown up, isn't a kid any more, can't be like a past that sort be addicted to pleasure ground and Ferris wheel, but can go out to walk together with father, or let her warmth of the with full intention full lung and sweet.
    "Certainly is really.Has dad's ground ever when fool you?"Tang Bu Yi one face Chun thickly smiles.Because Zheng Ru Di dies, Tang Bu Yi is very much attacked, the round face at first is emaciated next go, but seem to be more to make amiable.
    The Wang Bo station that has been sitting eye view the nose nose view heart in the living room starts and reminds a way:"Master, your identity too sensitive.Today observes a festival, the person of outside again really too many, the disadvantage is at our protections."
    "It doesn't matter.Is persons just should go out to walk more.The fruit fruit had no opportunity to go out for a long time very much?Kidnaping affairs to pass by is so long, let us become birds atartled by the mere twang of a bow.Always don't can lead so lifetime?"Tang Bu Yi more says to more feel that his/her own daughter suffered an injustice and also made a firm decision more.Today must accompany the daughter to go out to walk.
    Wang Bo no longer talks.Will turn round to go out arrangement protection measure.
    Tang Bu Yi says:"Wang Bo.Take less several individuals.The person is getting more.On the contrary and more easily arouse other people ground attention."
    "Master.You must be good enough while protecting the measure.I am you ground servant.There is a responsibility being responsible for the you and the young lady ground safety.If the master feared a person to bother a ground of words.I will make them far and far follow."Wang Bo stubbornly says.

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    blue can the heart raise head.BE about to tell while doing not have to be hasty, doing it slowly, the other people see a station is an autumn of leaf at the person of in front, the Qiao face unfolds to open and noiselessly smiles.
    "I return when are you to come to accept award."Being blue can the heart smile with sweet look.
    "I not is come to accept award ground."The autumn of the leaf smiles to put a hand."See you be delivering so many awards for person, I also want an award to your hair piece."
    Say, the leaf autumn passes the small box in the hand to blue can heart.
    "Thank."Being blue can the heart facial expression is tiny and red, on the face of smile idea ground more and more strong, flank ground those stare at she saw the along while prepare an opportunity to seek to start a ground of boy's nature to want ground.
    "I still occupy and do.On bed terms Yang Le greatly strengthened them to say "hello".Generation I say a festival happiness to them."
    "H'm."Being blue can the heart in earnest nod and seem leaf explaination ground for autumn is what greatly not of matter.
    Door in the school, leaf the autumn is long long ground deep one breath.The gift is on the whole to send out to go to, how feel a bit very strange?Seeming oneself is like the lewd Santa Claus that an exclusively sends gift for beautiful female kid.
    The autumn of the leaf just got on the car and hadn't come yet and the hair moved, the cellular phone in the pocket rang, call showed to is a Ran the number winter night.
    Leaf be the autumn wry smile just preparing to seek her and have never thought her but oneself seek to come come.
    "The festival is happy."The autumn of the leaf connects to talk on the phone.Say.
    "Xi Xi.Thank.The festival is happy.The autumn of the leaf, where are you now?"Ran the mood winter night look very good.Keep smiling over there while speaking of words.
    "H'm.I am at doorway in the school."The autumn of the leaf says.
    "Good.Where did you wait me.Arrive 15 minutes later."
    Indeed as expected, 15 minutes of time, a red shell insect small car stops at car of leaf autumn flank.The Ran presses a car window winter night and peep out to a Jiao Yan the Qiao face is such as the flower ground, big eyes shiningly stare at a leaf autumn, say:"Walk, we go to a church."
    "Go to stem in the church what?"The autumn of the leaf is interrogative that the ground asks a way.
    "Make a wish.Idiot."The Ran did an action of cold stare winter night, so lovely of the action express on her face, unexpectedly a bit small charmingly feminine.
    Leaf autumn Leng Leng, say:"It is all right."
    Christmas is the ocean festival that ushers in to come over from the west, the western people have the tradition to make a wish to the teaching orison in Christmas Eve, this little bit is also accepted by the China the people, and many people will also make a wish at the church on the evening in Christmas Eve.Have basically not to believe to teach, just for expressing to come from in front of girl friend F very good-hearted appearance, more very, some people are for canning get some candies of church hairs.
    Ran winter night oneself ground the car cast away water wood university doorway.Jump up car of leaf autumn inside.The autumn of the leaf drives car, the ground points out winter night in the Ran under, finally arriving at every year that she says will make a wish of church.
    "Should be Christmas Eve to is wanted to make a wish according to the tradition.Can the person in that time Be getting tooer many, basically crowded don't go in.So I am Christmas to come over in the evening, however the person will be also a lot of.You can force a passage through.See our control breath."Ran winter night sits at the leaf autumn nearby, talking ground the voice is clear and crisp to please the ear.
    Ye Qiu thinks that Ran winter night of so didn't come yesterday, is because oneself occupies to accompany her to come.This female kid, always so with quiet attention careful and attentive.If she explanation ground not and so words, where will oneself know that Christmas Eve is time for making a wish?
    Unexpectedly Christmas comes to person from ground in church unlike Christmas Eve is also little, the inside pushes ground huge crowd, person's dragons all lined up a church outside.Inside ablaze with lights, person's voice nails Fei.Those voices that sing poem and this talks a Xi laughter to compare with, really small some.If be not listen to intentionally, basically out of hearing.
    The autumn of the leaf laughs behind one's backs.China the people really is some make to smile.Very devout earth's surface feeling is rushed through, but sing the time that the poem prays at the other people loudly clamor noise, don't know that God will can't let their wishes become really.
    The Ran looking at anterior scene winter night and distresses ground to say:"Seeing to us enters not to go."
    "H'm.I fore the noodles pushes for you."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.

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    The Yan flew to finally launch oneself excels most of unmanned machine guided missile attack, the Yan flies of guided missile attack the directions is very ingenuous, he didn't let these guided missiles target a certain warship, but let their flight track apparently so but actually not, then be like is attackstoning A warship, also be like is attackstoning B warship, people don't dare to make sure the attack target of the guided missile.By so doing, all warships discover their oneself's insecurities, because they all have enough reason to believe these guided missiles to finally will attackstone himself/herself.
    So for the sake of own safety wear think, all attackstone in the guided missile the rice soldier warship of route at don't get the circumstance of the sail mother's order of Bush under beginning backstroke.Just for an instant, it are the antiair guided missiles that trails orange and red tail Yan to is all of places in the sky of utter darkness is quickly flying.After in the center conductor and data that lose a sail mother of Bush share, these warships basically don't believe allied troops, they all at depend on to depend on oneself to carry on anti- lead a battle.So they shot a great deal of antiair guided missile, the purpose was to will probably assault to ownly strike guided missile all shots to ruin.
    The rice soldier warship is respectively a war, each warship ruined to strike guided missiles to all shoot for the sake of the shot in great quantities anti- lead guided missile.Just very short time, it are rices soldier to shoot to is all of places in the sky of anti- lead guided missile, these even covered up the whole skies all.
    Rice soldier warship the first backstroke is very violent, so though those strike guided missile to stick sea flight, and the angle is very wily, but still keep hiding however the amount is huge anti- to lead intercepting of guided missile.Just for an instant, on the sea surface continuously appear a running out of of explosion, strike guided missile drive anti- all shots leading guided missile ruin.But haven't waited these forecastle commanding officers loose one breath, 30 guided missiles of same types again from the sky but decline, stick sea surface to fly to come over to them.
    The rice army warship commanding officer is original the spirit is nervous, they too late think carefully and again issue order that shooting is anti- to lead the order of guided missile.However striking the amount of guided missiles this time is more, wait until them the radar target of strike all of the guided missiles and after carrying on counter-attack just discover warship up of anti- leads weapon already disheveled hair shoot a to get empty ……
    The Yan flies the second guided missile attack compare the first more violent, however rice soldier shoot of anti- the amount leading guided missile correspond also more.In the night sky of utter darkness, there is continuously an anti- rice soldier leading guided missile to shoot to strike guided missile, then taking place fieriness exploding output light of fire.The amount of rice soldier is huge anti- to lead guided missile to constitute the net of airtight no air goes through death, in the future inherit a guided missile net at in the network, a don't pass as well.However this in the center also some accident happened, that be under the intercepting of intensive thermodynamic power, still have a struck guided missile to break a rice soldier of intercept, shot rice soldier warship.
    But everyone right away discover not to, because the power of this guided missile isn't very strong.Although it broked through a forecastle warship body and had explosion in the warship body inner part,basically didn't result in to lose too greatly, its performance was like a little bit more severe of wear A to play.
    After discovering to strike guided missile and incredibly is power to small and weakly wear A to play, breath a sigh of relief in all commanding officer hearts on the warships.Then they thoughted of it's more and had bad omen to prepare feeling right away.At this time, the of warship hopes a member and discovers again appearing ten guided missiles that trail tail Yan in the sky.However these ten guided missiles belonged to concealed body guided missile, didn't appear on their radar screens.If not is to depend on the person's eyes, basically the detection was not.
    The rice soldier commanding officer realizes right away before oneself fell into trap, those two guided missiles the attack is just an enemy at sound out a sail the mother fight the thermodynamic power of cluster to distribute, and consume own anti- guided missile of leading.After the purpose that reaches to consume ammunition now, the enemy finally launched a real attack, ten guided missiles this time are deadly blows.
    Fact also and these rice soldier warship commanding officers think about, the Yan flies before emissive of just strengthen the ag-114 of version anti-tank guided missile.The airspeed of this kind of guided missile is very quick, but its attack isn't and far apart from, weight also only 100 kilograms.Even if the rice soldier isn't carries on counter-attacking a battle, also having no a few guided missiles can attackstone a rice soldier warship, even if shot, can not also result in to these warships what injury.But the rice soldier is before placed in disorder in, their in the mind doesn't have sense of security, a discover to strike guided missile to use with all strength, result drive living consume in great quantities anti- lead guided missile.
    In before two guided missile attacks, the Yan flies totally shoot 45 ag-114 anti-tank guided missile, shoot of ammunition total weight just only 45 tons, also don't arrive 1/20 of unmanned machine total bombload.But is this to twice sound out sexual aggression, not only consumed the rice soldier weapon up have already worked well to fight to prepare of anti- lead guided missile, also sounded out the thermodynamic power of rice soldier to distribute and let the Yan fly to have bottom spirit more in the heart.
    The Yan that completely controled rice soldier weakness flies to again shoot guided missile right away, however he what this shoot is to have strong kill a concealed body of the ag-129 of harming the dint of cruise missile, this kind of ag-129 being a kind of mysterious explosive of concealed body cruise missile use, the power is strong, suitable to use to the sea warship of destroying the rice soldier fastness most , this is the Yan to fly real cutthroat Mao.
    The radar of rice soldier warship can not target to strike at all of ten ag-129 concealed body cruise missile, and because they the previous wave shoot and make have already equiped good anti- lead guided missile be consumed almost exhausted.Want will anti- lead weapon afresh the gearing get to blast-off up, need to be very long a period of time.So waiting until Yan to fly the third guided missile will soon come of time, the rice soldier embarrassedly discovers, oneself has already lost to counter-attack ability.
    After discovering that the form is far from good, these rice soldier battleship subconsciouses wants to close to mutually and depends on an intensive the set that is near to defend cannon respectively installing to set up a bitter end antiair net, the shot ruins to close to of guided missile.However after losing the conductor of sail mother of Bush, plus sea surface one utter darkness, these alone battleship wants to quickly re- constitute an antiair battle a type basically impossible.But the transformation of position on the contrary make them some flurried, almost each other hit together.
    But at this time, ten ag-129s in the sky the concealed body cruise missile quickly fly and have already arrived at the rice soldier battleship neighborhood.In the detection can not the set set up unite antiair net after, rice soldier can be a war and make use of person's eye to operate an intensive near defend cannon to open fire with all strength, attempt shot to ruin to strike of invisible guided missile.The luck of rice soldier doesn't calculate as well very bad, try one's luck a general attack at them in, incredibly and really stick the ag-129 concealed body cruise missile that the sea flies of one to ruin for shot.
    However the good luck of rice soldier also stopped here, the other ag-129 concealed body cruise missile got into the intensive thermodynamic power that is near to defend cannon blind area while lending support to the precise control of Zhi brain, from water line part to respectively of the attack target launched a wild attack.
    First what to suffer an attack is a lifting of rice soldier Comte Luo add class cruiser, an ag-129 concealed body cruise missile the place shoot its water line part from the warship head.See its warship body suddenly an earthquake, then take place violent explosion, the warship body closes to surface part to appear a huge hole.
    The immediately after moreover two ag-129s concealed body cruise missile drills from this hole into lift Comte Luo add class cruiser inner part, then have astounding massive explosion.This massive explosion set off to lift Comte Luo add a great deal of ammunition that the class cruiser takes and is deep-fried the whole battleship to become two, and quickly descend to sink.
    Just two minute time, this displacement the more than 10,000 tons strong rice soldier sea battleship disappeared from the sea surface and left a huge whirlpool on the sea surface.On the sea surface warship body wreckage combustion of the light of fire shine in glory bottom, can see whirlpool inside still have the rice country that in great quantities jumps into sea to flee for life navy's soldier is trying very hard to a flounder.

  • satellite abilityDatum26.08.2020 08:34
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    The Yan flies not knowing BE, the aircraft carrier combats of Bush of underneath are early in confusion.Because they just discovered, the commanding center of oneself and rear's losing contact , no matter it was satellite or wireless, all had already canned not contact the last behind of commanding center.And the always very convenient satellite navigated to also lose to used to, basically could not search them current position.If isn't that their confirming their they is being placed in 100 Mu big triangle waters, they will doubt that they have already got lost.
    This circumstance that loses to contact a way is what the rice country navy's fleet has never met, this makes them some to frighten into inaction.If this circumstance can not also be alleviated, the sail mother of Bush fights cluster to lose the fighting strength of great majority.Because there is no satellite signal and support of the data, their even connecting a warship to carry machines can not put to fly and say nothing of to develop power of big parts of weapons.
    But they don't know of BE, result in the chief criminal of all these's being hiding fore noodles 25000 meter high empty bank of clouds in, it is the above of the quantum radar have already targeted nether sail mother's combatses, the weapon has been already taken seat, will soon launch unmanned machine to divide time the first-time attack to the modern sail mother.
    The Yan flies to on TV release at the time that war denounced, the rice country satellite system hadn't been destroyed, so the sail mother of the whole Bush fought cluster to also know the news that vigorously explodes.Immediately after the Pentagon sends out an early warning at the rice soldier troops of the whole world to the deployment, they carefully guard against dreamlike island and Yan to fly to they launch of suddenly assault.
    The sail mother of Bush fights cluster to the early warning that comes from a Pentagon very value, hence the sail mother fights the tallest commanding officer of cluster to convene a video frequency military meeting right away and discusses how to avoid suffering the attack that dreamlike island and Yan fly together.The previous rice country's government has already carried on an intelligence report notification, everyone knows that the station is in the Yan to fly after death of the destruction have a terrible fighter jet, this fighter jet is omnipotent, their this sail mother's combatses is not an opponent either.
    Return to a sail from the bottom of sea square the mother's Tang Seng gets there of the intelligence report can know, the Yan flies now at 100 Mu big triangle waters, but among the missing.If the Yan flies associately that fighter jet of demolishing attack rice soldier troops, it be very likely to be to fly the sail mother's combatses of Bush of neighborhood so in the Yan the first target that suffers an attack.
    Who also what to have never thought BE, the Yan flies of action such of quick, just released war declaration, destroyed the rice country satellite system within outer space right away, discarded rice country more than half forces.Deliver while having no the satellite in the space to carry on a data actually, sail mother of Bush's fighting the military meeting of cluster even has never finished opening and then been forced to break off, because there are already no network and communication.
    After losing and escorting forecastle contact, the in command of department of aircraft carrier Bush thinks a way right away and prepares to make use of radio communication and this warship in the escorting of waters to carry on contact.However the rice country abandons radio communication very long period of time already, although the warship also has some wireless equipmentses on board,they want to re- start these ancient equipmentses and need to be very long a period of time to just go.
    Lose and the contact of conductor department after, Bush sail mother warship in the escorting of neighborhood for some flusters, they urgently want to get Bush a sail mother the order of the top commanding center, but the reality doesn't basically and impossibly contact in the in a short time up.Hence someone thoughted of an ancient flag signal operation.Regrettable now is the night in local time is many at 9:00, on the sea surface pitch dark one, even if everyone will the flag signal carry on exchanges, it is can hardly for momentary to also make the information flowing freely.
    After the satellite system of rice country was destroyed, have been becoming accustomed to the rice soldier of information data advantage a while Meng, fall into extreme disorder.Sail mother of Bush's fighting cluster to destine in the in a short time can not resume communication, their fighting strengths are before descending half of foundations up again descended a half.
    The time that is previous, the sail mother of Bush put to fly a big wasp fighter jet of two ef fa-18s, these two ef fa-18 what big wasp fighter jet carry out is a nighttime to fly a task.They are located in Bush now sail mother combat east 300 kilometers outside of waters, after losing satellite and navigating ability and communication ability, plusing now is dead hour, these two navy's warships carried machine to lose sense of direction a while, doing not know should go toward what direction flight.
    These two ef fa-18 the big wasp fighter jet take of the fuel is limited, the root isn't enough to prop up them to fly too long pull.If Bush sail mother can not in short time inside the contact ascend these two warships to carry machine, one of their end is fuel exhaustion but crash ……
    Fight a group of effort start old old wireless equipments at the sail mother of Bush, time want to resume a mutual communication, one great stock market investor the strange motion suddenly condescend to come and cover with just in-between aircraft carrier Bush at in.Just for an instant, all of all electronics equipmentses of aircraft carrier Bush put out action, sail mother radar ascend whole is a snowflake, all communication machines can not use, every and electronics the related equipments is all out of order.
    Originally after relieving a rice country satellite ability, the Yan flew to finally start unmanned machine dividing time the first-time attack to the rice sail mother of country.For ensuring own attack smoothly progress, the Yan flies of the square one is to initiate the quantum radar electromagnetism interference ability that the unmanned machine divides time, the this electromagnetism interference ability is very strong, can the electronics system of interference target, let them all out of order under the sistuation that don't damage.
    The this radar electromagnetism interference ability is the airplane that the Yan flies to before use to deal with scheme to close to a dreamlike island to at the sea forbid area, let they have to turn around the secret weapon of returning the sail, under the function of this function, a great deal of of the aircraft Be forced to turn around, don't dare to close to haven't constucted a finished dreamlike island at that time.But this interference ability contains the biggest weakness, that is it can do to use on the list body and belong to a list body attack, a can attackstone a target, half hour after just can change the next target interference.
    However even if is so, the Yan flies to depend on this electromagnetism interference ability to also reach his/her own strategic purpose.This sail mother's fighting the core of cluster is an aircraft carrier Bush, the quantum radar electromagnetism interference ability of the unmanned machine successfully shielded Bush outward in command of ability, plused to lose the information of satellite in the space to deliver and position ability, the sail mother's combatses that is originally strong to the extremity on the sea surfaces have already respectively become for the war, any further can not develop unite the advantage of battle.Compared with the peak fighting strength, their current fighting strength even the quarter of not enough peak period.
    At this time, at under the technical personnel's effort, the sail mother of Bush fought other warships of cluster to finally start radio communication and carried out the basic communication of mutual.However sail mother of Bush drive unmanned machine complete interference, it top of the electronics equipments is all out of order, the nature can not contact with other warships up.The news that didn't get a sail mother of Bush, other all warship in the minds have no bottom, don't know commanding center how!
    But at this time, suddenly appear ten weak lights to order in the utter darkness night sky of 2000 meters, these only order as if female in the sky spread a flower generally from the sky but decline, is willing soon fly into the time of ocean suddenly change to fly a track, the escorting of facing sea surface warship flies.
    In addition to sail mother of the most in-between Bush, the radar on other warships wasn't broken.While only ordering to just appear, these were fished for by the forecastle radar, knew that these are the guided missile that the other people shot.But because the unmanned machine divides time of radar invisible ability, who don't also discover the existence that unmanned machine divides time.

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