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The autumn of the leaf picks up a rabbit back and says to the violet:"Our this affirmation will be a winner biggestly tonight."
There is rules in the club.As long as the wild thing that is a member to beat down by himself[herself].All there is the power to take.Can also not pick up to return to, let the club handle by himself/herself.
The violet saw one eye leaf autumn.Say:"I and your father once matched with, that, we are to hunt the most set."
Leaf autumn in the mind rejoice with wild joy, having never thought the violet will mention this problem on one's own initiative and say with a smile:"You relate to with my father very good?"
After asking a this sentence, bowel sons of leaf autumn all the regrets Be getting greener.
He sees the ground come out, the violet likes a father, and until can not also forget now.But the father finally didn't choose her and asked him this time relate to not very good, there are some ironic meanings in the total felling.
Indeed as expected, while hearing this problem, violet's body fiercely one Jiang.Although the leaf autumn can not see the facial expression of clear her face, can still felling ground she is that heavy sorrow.
"I and your father----It is a friend nicely."The violet in a soft voice says.Then You however sigh, extending far and long.
"Who is he ?Now where?"The autumn of the leaf is worried ground of to ask a way.
The violet is obviously very surprised to the problem in leaf autumn, say:"Do not you know who your father is?"
"Is very strange?"The autumn of the leaf is a bit embarrassed.
"I think the leaf is old will tell you."The violet says."He be because your father's business son just keep off a Yan city."
"Exactly once took place how matter son?Where is my father ?"The autumn of the leaf threw a rabbit and came forward the hand of holding tight the violet.
This woman talks speed too slow, leaf the autumn is malicious to use to bite a ring to directly peep her memory.
"He died."Violet deep breathing, then the voice deep and lowly says.
Hear this news, leaf autumn Leng Leng, this at his anticipate in.
The in the mind just has some to lose, but doesn't feel sad.
He also feels that oneself should be suffered for a while just right.Or be like the leading role in the television movie, hear the father whom oneself always all has never met not at, cries a dad to shout Niang to try to commit suicide to find to live some kind of.But, he is sad don't get up.
This is in the world have no without any cause love, also have no without cause the ground hate.He has never appeared, so ground feelings is too visionary.
"River Yan is purple.We seek a place to discuss good?I want to know the business in past, I father's ground, my mother of, yours, all I should know of affair.Please, all tell me."The autumn of the leaf truly be willing to the ground say.
He again calls violet really name, hope to wake her up the memory ever.
"Good."The violet answers a way."I know before having a cake of to embrace a tiger stone."
When 2 people were about to leave, it was the light of a floodlight to tie to beat to come over again.The leaf shining on the autumn and eyes of violet can't open.
"The autumn of the leaf."Someone shouts a way.
"Who?"Leaf autumn the vigilance ground ask a way.The man's voice is very unfamiliar.It is what he always all has never heard.
"Move out of the way quickly."
The body of violet suddenly makes a pounce upon a leaf for autumn, then 2 people's body be together falling down on the ground, they just stood there is bullet in a ground of place wear Leng but lead.Dozen ground tree trunk and grass leaf the Pa Pa make to ring.
The autumn of the leaf hugs the body of violet vacillating on the ground.After averting from that Leng sub- bullet, just find out a big tree to come to a stop.The long bow in the leaf's autumn hand has been already dropped, the violet ground still holds in the hand.The violet draws out three arrowses to take on the Xian a while, the side ear after listenning to listen to with fortitude give°ed the arrows to shoot to go out.
Someone's pain shouts of voice.
The violet didn't see their shadow of human figures, the step voice that can depend on their moving listenned to a Bian.Although shot a target,can not let they a recruit dead.
"Seek dead."Violet full face intention to murder.Hear after that man's painful noise of shouting, again take arrows new moon, one arrows is past.That cried to shout a voice to stop.
Lin Zi Li resumed again quite, but 2 people hide a behind at the tree trunk a move also motionless.
Does the sky know to still have rifleman to hide to wait for them emitting a head over there?
A minute, two minutes, three minutes-
The autumn of the leaf and the body of violet huddle together, a move also motionless.Each other can feel the heart palpitates of the other party and smell smell the flavor on the other party body.

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