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also starts becoming a ground of clear.The leaf once took a shower as well autumn today and used of is still the bathing dew of Johnson infant.There is a milk flavor, didn't also make the other people suffer a los.
Leaf autumn the concentrated spirit listen to, one grass none of one leaf passes.
There are shoes that trample at miscellaneous grass up, wait until shoes past after, the miscellaneous grass starts to play of voice.
The autumn of the leaf towardsed violet to beat a signal and told her to totally have three people.From the left side since then of that handed over to her, oneself dealt with front side to touch of two people.
The autumn of the leaf touches two pieces of rocks from the ground and prepare to the bearer deadly blow at any time.
A person carelessly trampled to break to fall a tree branch of ground, break of the voice ring out.Leaf autumn the lightning flash sort start to trample.Two pieces of rock lightning flashes that button up on the hand hit, exact center and right against the face of 2 people chest
The autumn of the leaf to he or she ground hand strength the son has much of self-confidence.As long as shooting them, the absolute ability brokes off their bones.
Just leaf autumn this disappointed, these are two drive leaf the autumn beat a medium Human body body to send out stuffy hum a voice, it is to be held up for a while to tread son only, on the contrary sped up of to leaf autumn they hurtled to come over.
What is the row son?
Don't beat in?
But leaf the autumn clearly hearded the depressed voice that the rock shoot object.And, after leaf autumn learned this hand to extremely live, also have never accidentally lost.No matter is the sky flies, run on the ground of, visit in hand of, be he wants to make moves of time, neither can succeed in escaping.
The rock is a bullet, in the battlefield, waste the behavior of bullet in fact is also consuming life.So, don't have confidence, the leaf autumn never and easily made moves.
But the fact put at at present, those two black dress persons not only only wasn't broked off bone, but also sped speed to leaf autumn they avoid of the place rushed to leave for to come over.Simultaneously run, packed to eliminate a pistol for crying in hand still is shooting bullet.Want to seal their dead a piece of tree trunk is over there behind, make them not have the opportunity to escape and counter-attack.
The ending up in nothing of rock lets leaf the in the mind is very sorry for autumn.Or say very missing.
This is originally like you super strong in that aspect, be called Jing to not and falsely deliver small west door, have never thought one day be a big beauty nakedly lie in front of you, Gao when the highland lift his/her own thigh you unexpectedly the Hao have no reaction.
This kind of hugely falls bad will person so depressed and throw up blood.
At leaf autumn the time that emotion is lowly, nearby of violet but is an intention to murder Ying however.Always all is that she kills other people, but always no one dare to come to challenge on his/her own initiative.
These people all want to die.
The violet isn't a common woman, can't kill a fish to exclaim repeatedly, see blood and then will faint.She is the strong that chose from numerous elites, once bore the most scathing ruthlessness even at the cruel training, she smoked, Xiong wine, kill people is also a simple meal to her.
When the autumn of the leaf made a phone call for her, keep shouting her name river Yan was purple to really let her in the mind be subjected to a touch.This is a name that covers with dust already a long time, all far and soon forgotten by her.
All people all call her violet, an isn't a name place name word.
Originally she also thinks to soon forget.Or, have been already forgotten.Because she always has never wanted to think of it again.
But when leaf the autumn shout a , these three words of time, her center of earth as if thousand year the copper clock of the thou temple.It be ruthlessly bumped shot by the heavy machine.That connects wave continuous not unique.One by one, several desire faint.
Think of this name, then thought of relevant this everything.That finely meets.That without sorrow but clinging love, those happiness of grievedly past.
The whole everythings, river Yan is purple to live to come over again.
Washed hot bath, lighted a heat of sandalwood, quiet mind yoga, still having no can quell the motion of in the mind.In a row take out after quite a few pay smoke, emotion just little by little steady settle down.
River Yan is purple to like to see a leaf very much for autumn.
Because he is like his father too much.That can not call that it is graceful bearing, it thinks of but lets to be full of the man of Ai idea in the public.
And he together, even if a words don't say, she has already departed from this life of the heart world can also acquire a little source of vitality.

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