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The autumn of the leaf more than oncely once asks this answer.Probably, if several Yans are late some this answers that ask, he can give a perfect answer.But now, the understanding of his in the mind to this answer is also not enough clear.
Come to Zhang world power, inebriate to lie beauty's knee.
This is what world man all hope earnestly.Is oneself's important position also these?
Raise head, the fee seeing Yan a few look in the eyeses brightly shiningly stare at oneself, and connecting nearby soars and 6,000 also to this problem produced interest strongly, although cover up intentionally, leaf autumn or from their look in the eyes inside to the expectation of this answer.
The autumn of the leaf smiled to smile and said:"I want of, be you now own."
Coronation and people of this world of victor look up at.Just such as now Yan house the privilege enjoyed is general.The victor has the power processing oneself's war booty.
6,000 facial expression changed to change and scolded a way:"Do you calculate what things?Oneself when the time comes how die all not to know."
"At least, other people now still live ground thoroughly.It is you to pour-but be taken off pants to cast away avenue up., To, it is said that there is still a stranger could not recognizing you six big little, unexpectedly clapped to shine on for you.Be really can not forgive.If did these photographs spread to a net up how to do?The fee soars very whole is looking at with Xia ground 6,000, a face smiles idea ground to say:"However six little need not be worried about this problem.I fear that these photograph unauthorized biographies go out, the person have already found out to take photo, offer to buy at high prices to come over.In addition to I, other persons are to have no this luck to see six little gorgeous shine on."
"You-----Xing Fei of, we of the debt slowly calculate."6,000 facial expressions are metal gray, rage under, connect to contradictorily lend to all can not figure out.
"Say so much."The fee soars the Song shrug of doesn't matter Bang.
Several Yans see 6,000 leeway of falling intos and clap his shoulder and signal hint him not to have to be excited and looking at a leaf to say for autumn:"It Be getting more understand.Later and the leaf's little close opportunity will be getting more more and more.What plan does the leaf little underneath have?Hunt a park to try marksmanship?"
Hunting the park is what east east?
The autumn of the leaf isn't understand, have to shake head brush-off.Say oneself still needs to wait a person.
After violet enters a field, one eye saw a leaf for autumn.Because several Yans walk up, present many people's look in the eyes has intention to not intentionally take aim toward the leaf autumn there.
Violet next the body is a close fitting jeans, but the last body is a close fitting camouflage T-shirt, outside cover short Gua of a cowboy.While being full but fructifies, walking the shape refuses to be distracted, eccentric proud feeling from however living.
Looking heroic bearing is direct and simple, compared with a flock of woman of flirtatious sex appeal of field son inside, many a different heroic spirit.
The violet has no immediately and seeks a leaf for autumn, but the wine table that arrives at hall the center side, full the whisky pouring three greatest cups quaff in one gulp, make the circumferential person seeing a ground of Tang eyes tongue-tied.Originally some men still have mind to strike up a conversation and see she like this the Hao drink of shape, some hesitant.
The man of some conquest desire mightiness' pouring is a face to interestingly conjecture her, the heroic women is like strong drink, that kind of the heavy romantic feeling isn't a general woman body up can realize.
Three cup wine descends a belly together, this just fully satisfiedly grows long light one breath.Carry a cup wine to walk to the leaf again autumn in front, say:"Walk.Hunt a park."
The autumn of the leaf this just understands, why the clothes foppery of violet and taste wine tonight environment and atmosphere of meeting are inharmonious, but her Hun is inattentive.
She comes to the eyes ground here origin not for the sake of that what whisky taste wine meeting, but for the sake of behind of hunting park.
Was early spring to just lead, Xuan Yuan will from great interest the Anne's Ling luck come over a batch of animals.Wolf, deer, rabbit and pheasant, there is even also more than 300ly big boar.Xuan Yuan will of representative director for expecting the power in these cities expensive, made many telephones call to go out.This is also why several Yans will arrive to Xuan Yuan in the tonight meeting of reason.
Once wore a long gallery of a park type, before there is an iron gate.Led iron gate is an one forest, there is a Xuan Yuan the private hunting field of the meeting.

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