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"Return is really a Qiao.The leaf has already been little to just just make me ask about several Yans, had never thought to meet with now."The fee soars to carry cup to concentrate to say.
No wonder that those people's attitude is thus passionate, although several Yans cannot compare with Yan pleasant breeze that to move a Yan city,is also the important person of Yan house.But 6,000 be been called Yan pleasant breeze by the drama first head soldier.Oneself of the background is not vulgar either.The ordinary people still really can not neglect 2 people's arrival.
The leaf autumn wry smile isn't already.This returning is really hatred house where not and mutually meet.Unexpectedly will also run into them here.Tonight, the leaf autumn doesn't want to conflict with others.To him.Still have more importantly an affair to want to do.
Obviously, the affair combines can't according to leaf autumn ground viewpoint development the bottom go.
6,000 also discovered station at leaf in the corner autumn, the facial expression immediately and greatly changes.Wait he to recognize a pure leaf autumn nearby when the man is owner's fee of crystal temple backstage to soar hate a ground of gnash teeth in hatred more.No wonder that leaf the autumn at the beginning dare be so overbearing, originally they have already seduced together.
6,000 after the events also looked for person to once check the background of crystal temple and got the data that the fee soars.Although the peacetime of this person is equal of low key, but the real strenght isn't very vulgar.And he and woman will of president of association the white shallow heart relate to closely.That is very strong land productivity quantity.Woman, who made effort, is what matters all can make what ground come out.
Let more 6,000 depressed BE, his uncle just and ground an at enmity with in Teng house, the 2 people positive Dou ground gets into a hot dispute.This time which will think a way to 6,000 successful in career, just made a phone call to seek to lend to give° the crystal temple to seal to settle a disput.
6,000 a few ears small voice said severals in the Yan, then Yan several genuine look in the eyeses throw to leaf autumn this place.And round at nearby of the person beat voice hello.2 people then walk over there here to the leaf autumn.
Several Yans one face smiles idea ground to stretch out his/her own hand and says with a smile:"Several Yans.I've long been looking forward to meeting you leaf little name."
The autumn of the leaf transfers the wine cup to the left hand and uses right hand and he held to hold and said:"What fame do I have?Even if have, also notorious?"
"The leaf is little to be getting more polite.Two days ago listen to a pair of bosoms say leaf little accepted take part in her birthday party, several ways had been wanting ascend a door thank, just these two days, person in home many, didn't also have time.But have never thought to mutually please to rather fortune upon, can see a leaf little here.We still really decree by destiny."
The autumn of the leaf some attitudes that get mixed up Yan how many, not is hear his relationship with Yan pleasant breeze very good?How to run to climb natural affection with oneself again?
The not only only leaf autumn doesn't understand.Even several Yans nearby of 6,000 is also a hard comprehension.Although is with full intention interrogative.But is not very directly either to give° the disaffection of the in the mind to show.
The autumn of the leaf saw one eye 6,000, say:"In plain terms say.It before and really don't know is Ms. Zhao's birthday party.I am in the past also the invitation that is subjected to a friend, bother Ms. Zhao ground fascination, should seek Ms. Zhao to apologize just right."
"Ha ha, the leaf is little, this words say the ground considered as an outsider.I know that you relate to with Ran winter night it's quite good.The winter night shoulded once say with you?Her keeping in mind with double is the friend who is good friends with most .After, we would not° until more become intimate with become intimate with also to."
Promise on the leaf's autumn mouth, but the in the mind makes a decision and lets people investigates several Yans this person quickly.Pass first time contact, his earth's surface still makes people hard to catch to touch than the Yan pleasant breeze now.
"After coming back, heard some record of events with little leaf.Have been having a problem to want that directly asking a leaf is little."Several Yans one face smiles idea ground to say, the corner of mouth closing lightly is tiny to up raise, and the facial expression is handsome, one beautiful man with sheer.
"Please speak."The leaf autumn in the mind laughs behind one's backs, on the whole is get into a positive.And these childe's the elder brotherses talk, don't before and not want a big turn son of Dou can not.The patience differs of, can give° the person a stuffy quick temper.

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