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see, you can see the uncle who buys food, the aunt who exercises in the morning, they still live as usual in the passengers, this is the most authentic portrayal of the island. I think that I really fell in love with this island. I want to stay away from it. I continue to greedy in the arms of Gulangyu. "The campus of Xiamen University. The beautiful flowers and trees of the vast city, mixed with plants, always have flowers. Children are open somewhere. However, except for the phoenix flower, no one can drive to the wind and endlessly. I don't know how Xiamen University is going, I want it to remain awkward in my mind, like the Bermuda Triangle of the ship. You can wander in the sense of emptying and you won't get lost. Everywhere you are familiar with the scenery but you can't locate them. These beautiful little scenes seem to be floating in the beautiful Furong Lake with milk tea. It is a beautiful scenery of Xiamen University. The changing light and shadow effect is reflected in the Weihe River, which is vivid and rich. Furong Lake, its famous beauty. The beauty of Furong Lake and the beauty of Xiamen University are one. It is different from the culture of Unknown Lake. Furong Lake looks very beautiful. Furong Lake is solemn, and it is flat, reflecting the solemnity of the Jiageng buildings in the surrounding area. This is the university's calm temperament in the core area of ??Xiamen University. Pretty, a circle of green willows, evergreen eucalyptus trees, green palms, dotted the pretty youth of the campus. The lake is so beautiful, but the beauty of Xiamen University is nothing but the beauty and beauty of this lake. The sea breeze blew over the phoenix tree, except for Furong Lake, the romance of Xiamen University, and the vast sea outside Baicheng Beach. Furong Lake is in Xiamen University, and it is like Kanghe in Kangqiao. How many students want to come to Xiamen University? Every year, when the phoenix blooms and packs up the parting bag, as if I would leave Kangqiao in the same year, Xu Zhimo, who is "in the soft wave of Kanghe, I am willing to make a water grass", must also be willing to make a water grass in Hibiscus. The soft wave of the lake is shaking myself. I think, if you have the ability, when you grow up, you will come here to the lake of Ronghu, which is very green Newport 100S. It is not the dark green that is not bottoming, but the clean, clear green. Standing on the shore, the water plants and floating green algae swaying in the lake are very real. If you are lucky, you can even see the fish swimming near the shore, the naughty fins and tails, provoke a small Waves. Facing The green water clearing pool of Ronghu Lake will have a lot of emotions in the heart, and it will suddenly become brighter. At the edge of Furong Lake, there are many weeping willows. A plant willow willow stands on the shore, and the branches of the graceful The wind swayed and greeted everyone who walked through Furong Lake. Some of the willow branches were extremely low, and the leaves had already reached the lake. The dark green lake reflected the light green willows and blended into a refreshing landscape. When the breeze blows, the wicker is lightly shaken, the willow leaves sweep across the lake, and there is a burst of ripples. The wheel is scattered away from the distance. The mountain is a gathering of eyebrows, and the water is a wave of eyes. A weeping willow on the edge of Hibiscus Lake. Just like the eyebrows under the eyebrows, the eyebrows on the eyewaves, if Xiamen University has no Furong Lake, just as Peking University has no name for the lake. It will always lack an irreplaceable thing to attract me, it is the Furong Tunnel. I seem to stay there for a long time. Holding the camera, I will not leave for a long time. Some people may ask why. I think my camera will tell you, because there are a lot of memories left there. It is the memory of the University of Xiamen. Long tunnel The memory of the Tao. Walking here, I feel like I am in the paradise of art. I am surrounded by street paintings that are close at hand. These are a review of the student life of the students who are about to leave the campus. They are also an expectation for the future. They are also a spiritual sustenance to release their dreams. It has a colorful color, a deep outline, and a word of truth from the students. Walking slowly, so warm. The end of the tunnel is soft. The sand was soft and the night saw it, let us return to it the next day. Round the island road. So I rode a three-person bicycle. Enjoy the Xiamen Sea slowly. Close to the sea, maybe a fear, but I am immune! Standing on the reef, I waved myself to the waves, and the blue waves were white with foam. I stretched my arms and embraced the ocean. Strolling on the beach, every step is very comfortable, the footprints under the feet are deep and shallow, just as the mark I have been. At this moment, I want to rush to the sea breeze blowing from afar Marlboro Lights, to fill my soul. I want to shout, let go of my voice Cigarettes For Sale, listen to the sea, let the sea remember, I walk in Xiamen. Like the sea, I like to sit on the beach and watch the sea, like the ebb and flow, like the surging sea. I like it here, round the island. A little bit fresh and fresh, I slowly rode my bicycle with my parents, driving on the roundabout road, the wind formed by a bicycle is not scenic, Xiamen is everywhere, this summer vacation, I am here, I am in Qindao, I am at Xiamen University, I am traveling.

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