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I remember when I first saw the little song, it was a summer night. I can't remember whether it was seven years ago or eight years ago. At the beginning, I am wandering around the street with my mother's noisy snoring, and the people around me are not in a hurry to stop in this hot environment. I took my mother's hand and jumped. Soon, my eyes were drawn to the pet shop on the side of the road, not because of the fluffy creatures that were alive and kicking, but because of the eyes and the eyes of sorrow and sadness. It belongs to a Chihuahua. It ignored the instigation of its companions, but silently curled up in the corner of the cage. It is looking at me, looking at me with the eyes of the cage. Suddenly, the soft nerves in my heart were touched. I asked my mother to buy it. It was not impulsive. Its eyes made me want to give it a home. After I had it, I lost all the interest in shopping and rushed back home with it. After taking a shower and drying my hair, I put it in its new home, a plastic box that used to hold fruit. It was actually very beautiful, with smooth brown fluff and bright eyes. At the time I thought it must be a lost princess. I crouched beside it and said softly: "I will call you a song later, okay?" I don't know why I gave it the name, but the word is the moment I saw it. Printed in my mind, its eyes seem to be a song, high and low, like a dream. However, it seems that he is not familiar with this new home and has been reluctant to approach me. I can only smile and say to it: "Small song, hello. My name is Yan, now is your new owner." It looked at me for a long time. I am a dog. I lost my home when I was born. dog. From the time I opened my eyes, I lived in a cage on the side of the road, watching the unshaven man next to the cage exchange some colorful papers with my companions. He is not my master because he has never given me warmth. I am very scared. I am afraid of the strange face coming and going from the street. I am afraid that I will brave the cold cage at this moment. I am afraid of my unknown future. I really want to go home, although I don't know where my home is, I don't know my home, what it feels like. Until I saw her summer night, the weather was always stuffy, like the breath that the man had thrown at me with the bones he had licked. I saw her, the little girl wearing a floral short skirt. She held a hand and held the hand of a still young woman, her eyes darting across her, and the two little scorpions on her head swayed up and down with her footsteps. I am envious of her. She is the most agile person I have ever seen in the past, like the feathers of angels. But she won't notice me, I am just a thin dog hiding in the darkness. Just as I thought about it, she stopped and her eyes seemed to float slowly in front of me Newport Cigarettes. There was a kind of home smell. She bought me and brought me back to her home. She put me on the table and said something screaming, and hurried into the room. When she came out again, she held a plastic box in her arms, lined with colorful rags. She put the box on the ground and told me that this is my nest mokingusacigarettes.com. For a moment, I wanted to cry, but I was a dog. I shouldn��t have had so many feelings, so I didn��t let the tears flow down. Later, she gave me a shower. She is still a child, how it seems a bit clumsy, but I did not resist, just let her wet me, then blow me dry. It��s weird, we obviously met for the first time, but she gave me a sense of security and made me rely on it for no reason. In the nest, and then use the language that belongs to them Marlboro Lights, tell me in a strange language, she is called Yan, and from today, I am singing. song? This pronunciation is really nice, warmer than the first touch of sunshine I felt when I was born. I slowly climbed over and rubbed her hand with my tongue. I want to tell her that from now on she is my master, that is all of me, that summer, the happiest summer I have ever had [then In the days after Yan, I stayed with the little song every day, ran on the grass and rolled on the sofa. It will climb my knees along my legs while I watch TV; it will quietly lie on my side to accompany me for a nap; it will scream out mercilessly when someone knocks on the door outside. . I really like it, holding it feels like hugging the starry sky, but it seems a bit unhappy today. In the afternoon, I like
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