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Xi Murong said: "Life is a river that flows, we are all people who cross the river." On the left bank of the river of life is forgotten, on the right bank of the river of life is remembered. We traveled on the left bank and the right bank with our own unique boats, and we knew that we should forget what we should have forgotten. Walking on the road of life, we laughed at the flowers outside the window, the leaves and leaves were falling, and the sky was clouded and the wind stopped. On the road, we experienced too many things of sorrow and joy. During the course of the river of life, we learned to forget the joys and sorrows that we had forgotten, and learned to remember the bits and pieces of this in mind. Dongpo��s hair was called ��Da Jiangdong��, and the troublesome trivialities he faced suddenly fell into the waves and disappeared without a trace. The magnificent Lijiang River makes Dongpo choose to forget, forget those who are frustrated mokingusacigarettes.com, sad, and forget the official career. Tao Qian, accompanied by the dancing butterfly in the "Zhuangsheng Xiaomeng Fan", took the chrysanthemum under the east. In the face of Nanshan, Yuanming chose to forget, forget the ugliness of those officialdoms, and forget all the unhappiness that they encountered. This is the choice of the soul. This is a wise choice made by the riverrs on both sides of the "river". It is wise to "mover" people staying on the left bank of the river. Beyond this, there are also people who live happily on the right bank. Sitting alone in the poolside pavilion, the discerning Yi��an layman told me in her words that she will always remember the bits and pieces that she experienced in this life, which was made on her way to ��forwarding��. select. Haizi used "facing the sea, spring blossoms" to tell me that "from tomorrow" he will remember all the "water" of life Wholesale Cigarettes, because that is the "yulu" he used to "water" his "flowers." San Mao used her words to remember the soul of the Sahara forever. Van Gogh used "Sunflower" to always remember his "ship". These are the life on both sides of the river of life. This is the choice of forgetting and remembering. The wind blows the petals like a broken childhood. The ancient music of the deserted interpretation of the soul falls, hiding in the depths of dreams and memories, listening to flowers and nights, singing the nightmare, singing the bustling, singing all the way to memory, From the clear smile and the unclear tears that no one knows, forget the unpleasantness and triviality of forgetting Marlboro Red, remembering the deep and eternal white rabbits that are remembered, and the clothes are not as good as new ones, and people are not as good as others. Sailing in the "River of Life", sitting on your own unique boat, knowing - forgetting on the left, remembering on the right, in the middle is an endless shuttle

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