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Huanghua deep alley, red leaves and low windows, bleak autumn sound. Next to the quiet alley is a house made of bluestone blocks, and the green moss is born between the stone seams. This alley has not been visited for a long time, but the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in Grandma's home is still flourishing, I don't know when it has grown over the roof. When the Mid-Autumn Festival is over, the weather is fine, and the lanes only leave the sweet smell of sweet-scented osmanthus, and the memories of childhood are clear and true in front of the eyes. It was about a dozen years ago, when the grandmother was still young. I am still naughty and naughty, and my grandmother has been taking care of me in every possible way. I clung to the tree, and Grandma carved a mark under the laurel tree and said, "The little baby is growing taller!" I stood upright and stood up straighter. Grandma took me in my arms and sat on the stone bench under the tree and continued: "You will grow taller and grow up soon." Grandma said nothing, "Can you still remember me?" Now, when I grow tall enough, I will plant a piece of grandmother's favorite cassia forest from the clouds, so that every time before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, there will be osmanthus rain. The taste of sweet-scented osmanthus will spread throughout the world, and my grandmother will close her eyes. When I got up, I didn��t know whether she was reminiscing about the past or thinking about the future. She only saw her face full of happiness. I also learned how my grandmother looked, but only smelled the sweet smell of sweet-scented osmanthus! The breeze was everywhere, sent sweet and fragrant, Full of heart, is the smell of sweet-scented osmanthus, as if my grandmother is full of love for me! Grandma loves this sweet-scented osmanthus, loves her simple flower pattern, and it is also sweet and intoxicating. Grandma said that whenever I smell this osmanthus The taste, you can feel the warmth and happiness around you. The blossoming petals are falling, silky and fragrant. The smell of sweet-scented osmanthus is filled with small courtyards, haunting the heart, covered with sweet-scented osmanthus on the ground, and there is some intolerance in the heart. Hard work, he is Dad has been working hard for a lifetime, and now she has to look after me Wholesale Cigarettes. Her hands have a big bean scorpion. The years have carved wrinkles of different shades on her face. Every wrinkle seems to have a touching story. Recording the hardships of a generation, but she has no complaints, this is what Grandma said, "Golden sand paving the floor Newport Cigarettes, lightly sniffing the first Huafang"! This taste of sweet-scented osmanthus can alleviate all the coldness in the heart of the grandmother Marlboro Red, leaving There is a happy and happy taste. Before moving, my grandmother used a sweet-scented osmanthus to sew a sachet for me. Although it looks ordinary, it has a long history. The sachet is filled with not only the sweetness of sweet-scented osmanthus, but also the grandmother. Love is now back in this alley, and then taste the taste of this sweet-scented osmanthus, not only feels the deep warmth, but also appreciates the indifferentness of life.
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