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existing customers more of what you already provide is the most economical route to business development there is. Could your potential customers benefit by purchasing larger levels of what they already get from you? Could using your product more frequently give them better success or faster results? Could you existing an incentive for bulk purchases or find out new ways your product could be used? 2. Listen - By listening to your potential customers, employees and suppliers you will find the product specifications for alternatives or related alternatives that will improve your company easily. If customers keep asking if they can put a down payment on a particular product, maybe a repayment plan is something you should be offering. Are you offering DIY factors like flat pack furniture? An employee may mention that a lot of people are asking if someone is available to build it for them. If you are already getting inquiries, it means there is a demand and possibility to build up your company in that location. A supplier mentions he's been selling a lot more oriental sauces this year. Should you expand your number of oriental food products; involve a number of woks, oriental serving dishes, utensils and recipe books or, if you own a restaurant, should you add an oriental dish to your menu? 3. Refresh - Prospective for development may be right under your nose. Take an old production and consider presenting it in a new way. Perhaps you could system it differently to stimulate new interest in the product. Do you have another assisting product that you could several it with to start getting it noticed again? Emphasize a new angle to it. Does it fit with an active trend or topic? Is it safer, much healthier or a more eco friendly model than newer items on the market? 4. Add value - You can improve customers' perception of value with optional accessories. Basically make sure they support to the existing items or alternatives, or at least relevant to the same kind of customer. Could you improve your company and serve your potential customers better by offering different kinds of alternatives or product ranges? Think about Platinum, Gold, Silver or Deluxe, Standard and Economy. Would the seasons or other time considerations add that little additional, like a Christmas or Limited Edition? Do you have factors that can be personalized with a name and/or a special message, or designed special in some other way with the customers own photo or artwork? If you can find there's an sell for it, what investment would it take to build up your company in that direction? 5. Complement - Think about offering items or alternatives that would really complement your core business. If you own a bookstore, you might also provide writing content and designer pens. You have a natural health and fitness outlet selling mainly natural natural vitamins. Could you locate a lovely natural locks extensive assortment and provide it alongside

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