the door arouses to shoot but

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Break tail to listen to come to hand shouting of person, the smiling face is one Lian, copy to begin a gun, throw on a coat, stick out ear first to listen to an outside action, the gun muzzle points at Su to fly a Hong threat way:"Don't scream madly, otherwise killed you crafty corpse."Draw back body again after hiding in the wall room doorway, ask a way:"How many persons did the hooligan come?"Want again even if he comes to 100 and face us the material of this kind of thermodynamic power, can not also beg for well, still notify first the molar is strong to say again, in order to prevent be cooked by 1 pot.Is front and back however an hour, they can find out here right away and explain that the other party isn't that simple.
Don't wait that younger brother message of reply, without telling anyone take out a telephone to stir a string of number:"Molar, your circumstance how, caution a point, doing not make the hooligan organic can take advantage o."
A baritone with thick Hun says with smile:"Break tail, how are you, my Xing Zhu, currently at thousand Jia the agreeable company work."
"You ……is Wu strong?"
"He?He is repenting the past the sin that the previous incarnation commits, beg humbly the pardon of getting the spirit, however I think that the absolute being can't forgives his, either."
Breaking tail heart to know is far from good, curse and scold a , immediately hang a telephone, drink a way:"How many persons did the hooligan actually come?They discover our movementses so quickly and return with thousand Jia the agreeable company collaborates with together, mama of, definitely have inside the ghost."
However the younger brother of hall that report letter always don't talk, down stairs unclear gun voice later on would be to die kind of silent, break tail thwart pistol a jump but, the light in the hall is icy cold as before, a figure keeps rushing toward to come over.
Break tail to get a shock, wrist a twist.It is about to open fire.But see this person impressively would be have been guarding in the outside, just came in the younger brother of reporting the letter, all of whole bodies are bloods, the flesh turned over to open, the clothes up and down all have already turned to make cloth, face distort, the bridge fell to sink, the skin of head came out Hua without one big piece of blood.Say much and miserably and have much and miserably, imitated a Buddha to just once encounter the eunuch of Qing Dynasty ten greatest tortures.Two eyes turn over white and seem have been already fainted.
An algidity from break tail ground tail Zhui the bone split inside Pa spread a cervical vertebra bone, malicious push away this person, the pistol dead dead points at doorway, spirit height concentration, don't dare to have to be slacken.Just only led for an hour.Flying high the mansion is them pole in private a nest order place, outsider have no from know, incredibly be too late responding of time inside made people touch to come.And, because lend money at high interest a huge sum of profits that the acquisition gets.The company is basic to all purchase function good weapon for under charge, down stairs fielding of public all at least is that the pistol is above, can the common bludger easily break this defense line?
The one more orders surprisingly BE, they unexpectedly still have agreeable thousand Jiases company on the side, the abacus this time but beat wrong.
Break tail is deliberating, suddenly.Two wood doors in the hall explode to open, the broken up ground wooden board flies to the half empty, the shot beats on the ceiling, the wood residue flies to spread and seem the scraps of paper of firecrackers explosion creation, come to everywhere all BE.The screw of fixed frame in the door arouses to shoot but, tightly nail just across the street window Ling up.
Break tail shivering lose surprised, return a way the other party use explosive.The hooligan's silver hair the prince and another person walked to come in and was stained with a few sharp wood residues on the shoe top that day.Originally the doorway is unexpectedly kicked by this person to break ground.
Fly Xie to spread like the wood residue of Tao wave flower in the sky bottom, cover electric light, the indoor ray suddenly dims down and sprinkles to settle a full head of tail a full face.He wants to open fire, but the view is separated, can not correct judgment the other party position, have to right on the spot on rolling, prepare to hide room to once hold tight Su to fly Hong to consider as to coerce of hostage.Hey Hey, original this usury has no hooligan what matter, but southern thus last heart, clear have a liking for that of beautiful daughter, perhaps is him ground Pin head.

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