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There is benefits conflict now certainly.Make sure four greatest golds first the movements just, earlier Su round the lane comes out, don't allow their family to encounter again what Great Dipper.Leave they were robbed to walk already and have half for hour, if my guess not hurry up, the molar is strong will kill them to give vent to anger."
Zhu Xiang says:"Mr. Liao pleases to worry, five Yes to this matter extremely value, have already contacted the elite intelligence report of shell house troops, estimate not ten minutes, the news can send back right away."
Indeed as expected and as expected, the intelligence report troops under the third-grade cutthroat Sa Lei leadership is the most efficient, they drank half cup wine and soon had to a report.
"61 lanes of green avenue dragon fly high a mansion and break tail and about 40 people at in, armed well-found, the hostage hasn't come yet and transfer.The molar is strong to recover from illness the hospitalization department in hospital No.3 building No.405 sickroom with Chen Dian Si in the Xuan force avenue, outside someone guard.The anti- bone that just once assaulted candlelight bar westwards the city wild daisy road direction fled elsewhere."
Liao learned soldier to say towards once taking charge of fast:"This should be your police's business?Do you still use me to say more?If the situation resists and leaves molar to strongly live as far as possible.I don't trust Su round that fellow, must go green Long Jie in person."Wish don't trust Su to fly Hong that small girl is true.
The stereo set in the bar suddenly spreads a burst of huge engine to bellow a voice, this is Liao to learn a soldier the Hally motorcycle that they acquaint with very much engine.The drum that immediately after would is to sturdily have rhythm orders and imitates if thunderstorm rain flushes the earth, earthquake once the heart leap a to jump, again keep on listenning to, give or get an electric shock a guitar to draw back musical prologue, is one of the songs 《make track for a car person 》 of the that the Mu permits ice rain.
Music that vigorously explodes leisurely grows a singing of high Kang chamber, the pair sings phrase part very long, high tide's letting people deeply drunk then will have a boiling passion after one by one.
"The lonely figure always shuttles in the dark night of city, blood and tears are in the speed Qing Xie ……"
The strong breeze that accompanies with 《make track for a car person 》 and rushes toward noodles since then, more than 20 motorcycles speed a Vinaceous Rosefinch street, the bombing of motor loudly vibrated half street, black smoke in the street of cold Qiao filled the air, and the real estate vibrates under the tire.
"Su's flying Hong is my student, she if without half root hair, you wait after 18 years again be a good brave fellow."
The eagle gun voice laceration green Long Jie the No.61 lane son of deafening desert of quite, fly high an open spaces building way inside in mansion, the echo concusses around, the pendant lamp of ceiling is tottering, dust Shu Shu but fall.
A living quarters of the 12th floor east side end hurtles into a younger brother that livings to greatly recruit a breeze ear and is taken by surprise ground to call a way:"Elder brother Wei!The hooligan's person discovers us and has already offended to come in!"
Living quarters approximately 60 even rice spaces, a living room, two bedrooms, a south to of veranda.The round of Su and his wife is locked by the iron chain a pass in the bedroom of utter darkness, whole body shiver, surprised fear to hand over to add.The time of coming in has already got to beat mercilessly, all all over the body is blood son, at the moment of he hastily lends usurious affair penitence end to he and, the daughter is closed alone in another room by them, the circumstance is very far from good, also doing not know will encounter what poison hand.She that big speech Dan the form master of the Dan, alas, don't lift let it be, incredibly made piece useless written evidence, let oneself think the affair has already successfully solved, unexpectatively will make so, don't know that the it is dawn still has a life by himself/herself at.
Broke tail to just tore the half that Su flew Hong side clothes, peeped out the smooth circle shoulder for slipping away, the Yin said with smile:"The kid in nowadays develops really quickly, don't be nervous, uncle will good well painful yours."
Su flies Hong hands to protect chest and tries very hard to shrink into inside in the corner, eyes Yun full drop of tear, nervously say:"Do not, don't come over, my teacher can't definitely pass yours."

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