Do You Pluck The Hairline First When You Apply Your Lace Wig?

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When you buy human hair lace wigs, the hairline may look unnatural. The hair is evenly spaced, so every part of the wig is the same.
So, in order to have a perfect hairline that matches the natural texture of your HD lace closure wig, you need to remove some unnecessary strands before putting on your wig.

Detailed steps of hairline plucking for wig
Step 1: Start with dry blonde crimped wig
Start pulling TF out of the front of your lace when it dries, which is different because some people have to wet punch all the time.
Why is that?
Pulling bundles with frontal dry makes it easier to measure fullness and density on the front.
It's easier to see where you need to pick and where you don't.

Step 2: Attach the wig to the canvas head
Put the canvas head on the rack, then pin your wig on the canvas head, get ready to pull out the hairline, and make sure the headband fits snugly in your path.

Step 3: Pull out the hairline in the section
Start pulling out your hairline in sections. Why?
It is the starting point for creating a natural hairline.
Piecewise work is a better guide than mindless work and unstructured picking.
Usually, we pick from the side.

Step 4: Start by removing the first part of the hair
Use a tail comb to pull out a small section of hair along the hairline (behind the hairline), like a very thin layer of hair (often mimicking baby hair).
Then comb back the rest of your hair.

Step 5: Use tweezers to pull out hairline
Before plucking, you can spray some water on the hairline, or you can do it with dry hair.
Use the underside of the tweezers to pull out from time to time throughout the lace, as the underside is more delicate and won't pull out as much hair as your size.
Make sure you are always moving parts of the pick.
Use tweezers to fade out the actual front of the hairline as much as possible to give it a gradient effect. You don't want the hairline to start thickening because it doesn't look real.

Step 6: Remove another section of hair and continue plucking
After completing the first part, separate the new layer and return.
If we need it, we can always choose to come back.
It's best to do less and more when pulling lace out of the forehead because if you do too much, you can go back and do more, and you can't put the hair back on the hairline.
Usually, plucking in 4-6 sections will mimic the natural density of the hairline.

Step 7: Pick in the same way on the opposite side
Once you've finished plucking one side of your lacy wig, do the same on the other side.
Try the wig a few times to track your progress and see where you need to pick some more to make sure you get the same hairline effect as the first side.

Step 8: Pick the top area of the lace wig
Now go to the top area of the wig. You don't have to do much plucking in this area because the top of your hair is your gut.
Also, you don't have to pull out the part here, just a little bit, sometimes pull the hair back to see what it looks like, and if you think the hairline is still too dense, go back and repeat the steps.

Step 9: Finish and make the part
Once you feel that your wig has achieved a perfect lifelike plucking hairline, stop plucking.
If you want to make a section for your wig in the middle or side, pull out some hair after parting to make it look natural as well.

Some Useful Tips:
Don't leave a straight hairline, it will look fake, so create a smooth transition by plucking.
Use good tweezers that are not blunt. If your tweezers are super blunt, it can make life harder to pull out your frontal lobes.
If you want to bleach the lace knot on your wig, do it before plucking.
Be careful not to pull out too much hair, it's best to pull out a little first to see how it looks, and if you think the hairline is still too tight, go back and repeat the steps.
It's best to do less and more when pulling lace out of the forehead because if you do too much, you can go back and do more, and you can't put the hair back on the hairline.

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