How Do You Maintain a Wig Cap?

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Proper maintenance of the base material of a 613 wig or hat is essential to extend the life of a wig.
Whether your style is made from synthetic fibers or human hair, it's crucial to understand why and how to care for your hat material.

Wig cap structure
Wash your HD lace front wigs and top hat base
Sweat and grease can accumulate in the base material when applied, so it is vital to thoroughly clean the area during your daily washing process.
Care should be taken when cleaning the inside of the black and neon green wig cap or top base.
Although weft-knitted hat materials are stronger than monofilament or lace features, all types still require careful handling.

After wetting your clothes, apply a small amount of shampoo to your hands and massage them.
Then, on the inside of the lid or base material, clean the material in gentle circles with your fingers.
If you have a lace front and are wearing makeup on this feature, now is the time to deep clean this area.

Wash the wig cap
We recommend using a human hair moisturizing shampoo.
These shampoos are formulated to replace hair and contain cleaning ingredients that do not interfere with or loosen knotted features such as the front of lace or monofilaments.

Refresh your work
When your wig cap or top base needs a little pick-me-up between washes, use an applicable spray formulation that can neutralize -- not just the smell, but can be safely applied to any cap or base structure as well as any fiber type.
Bonus tip: Spray on any cloth, even on the air around you to give your space a makeover!

Under your wig
Taking care of your wig cap doesn't depend entirely on hair products.
Wearing a wig hat liner or securing bio hair under the hat helps protect fragile materials.
By providing a smooth barrier between the hat and head, you can allow your wig to slide comfortably without straining.
If your wig has lace features at the front, it's especially important to have a fitting and comfortable hat, as you don't want to stretch features that should be laid flat on the hairline.

Wearing a wig hat liner is entirely up to personal preference, but we recommend wearing one under the wig.
If your scalp is sensitive, we strongly recommend that you wear a wig cap liner to optimize your wig-wearing experience.
Reminder: You can wash and reuse your wig cap liner!
Don't forget to include them in your washing routine.

If you don't like the wig hat liner, are naturally hot, or like to exercise in a wig, we recommend that you stick the liner to the wig cap to provide a barrier between the cap material and the scalp or biological hair.
These pads really protect the base of your wig cap!

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