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Starting from this autumn, all freshmen in Hubei Province will use the new curriculum reform textbooks of the People's Education Edition. The works of Mr. Lu Xun in Chinese language textbooks have obviously decreased. The works such as "Medicine" and "Memorial for Forgetting" have disappeared. The three chapters of "Coming", "Blessings" and "Memorial of Liu Hezhenjun" suddenly became popular. Are Lu Xun's works really outdated? Deleting Lu Xun's works is a joy or a worry, is it a blessing or a curse? Some people think that their works should be deleted and invited to the literary altar. Others think that they cannot be deleted. Lu Xun's works have nurtured batches of Chinese students, indicating that it is a reference for the times and is never outdated. I think that Mr. Lu Xun's works are tasteful and sad, and don't use them as tasteless. Objectively speaking, who can deny the contribution of this literary master in Chinese history? He used the pen as a sword to expose the darkness of society in a striking manner, which triggered many of our life and social thinking. Even in a stable and peaceful modern society, his excavation of life, tradition and feudal society are also very useful for reference. . As in "Medicine", Mr. Lu Xun cleverly used plot irony to set up the connection between the fate of Hua and Xia with blood buns Online Cigarettes, revealing the tragic situation in modern China that was covered by darkness. And today, the traditional concepts hidden in the works are still permeating the society: the luck is determined by homophony, and the phenomenon of avoiding 4 grabbing 9 is not always reminding us that the traditional concept is deeply rooted? Subjectively speaking, studying Lu Xun's works is the germination and accumulation of ideas for middle school students. I was fortunate to travel to Shaoxing after studying the text and feel the place where Zhou Ji classic lives. The former residence is very old, the walls are falling off, the tables and cabinets are black, and it is overcrowded, but the simple atmosphere fills the surroundings, and the fragrance of the ancient books remains in the house for a long time Marlboro Red. Wupeng Boat, Baicao Garden, Sanwei Bookstore, Xianheng Hotel, as stated in the book Parliament Cigarettes, exist truly and poetically. In this way, the feeling is naturally another feeling. For Lu Xun's works, every time I read How can the agitation of the thread be abandoned? Although Chinese textbooks should give more writers enough place to release their sparks, the charm of literary masters cannot be replaced
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