Is it time for RC to revise the rarity guides?

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I know this has been discussed in the past and has caused a bit of contention but I think it's time we all aired our issues with RC's rarity guide.Yet again I've come across a facebook user who has, perhaps out of their own naivety, taken the RC guide as statement of fact and is modifying their purchasing habits accordingly. All they were interested in were the Rare to Extremely Rare games, which is fine, people can buy what they want to, but the guides here are having a clear influence on less knowledgeable gamers/collectors and they're quite frankly, atleast in my belief, wrong.There's currently more copies of the rare Conker's Bad Fur Day listed on eBay than the Very Common Fifa 99 and this is just a single example of what I'd consider potentially hundreds of mislabled rare gamesI think that RC is a highly valuable resource for collectors, the forums are an absolute goldmine and some of the users here have encyclopaedic knowledge. Which is why I think we should have an open discussion to correct the guide and maintain RC's reputation for info.

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RE: Is it time for RC to revise the rarity guides?

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Good to know about this.

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