Which game would you like to play, but you can't (platform)

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Everyone of you collectors out there who also fancy themselves a retrogamer, will have a limited number of consoles. I personally do not buy systems I don't intend to collect for or have at least 5 games for which I really wanna play. I try to limit myself to collect games just for systems I'm interested in.For example; I am not interested at all in the N64. I won't say it's not a great system; it's just not for me. I was never too much into Nintendo's 3D-stuff and a lot of other titles were multiplatform. I'm not gonna buy a N64 just for two games I like. But I'd really like to play Conker's (I know, it's overhyped, but still !) and Yoshi's Story. The odd, original and non-cencored Conker's seems like a game right up my alley. I'd also really like to experience Nintendo's take on a 2D-platformer.But, for the forseeable future, I won't play these games. I will not pick them up, unless I'd stumble upon them for cheap. Same goes with the N64 itself.Which games would you really like to try/play/collect which aren't available for a system you currently own but aren't getting to?

Please help.

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