For a long time in the city

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For a long time in the city, the feeling of the season is slow, and every day from the blink of an eye to the eyes are busy for the rice bowl Marlboro Red, there will be no excessive "sense of tears, hate the birds are shocking" feelings; Occasionally, like a "poet", activating a few cells of sorrow and grief is often going home, approaching thousands of miles away, sending away my childhood, accompanied by my parents' old houses that have become older and older for decades. The atmosphere of the year is getting stronger and stronger, and there are few people on the streets. God seems to know more about sensation, and it is raining in a timely manner. It also evokes the homesickness of the wanderers. Occasionally, several people are still alone in the rain. Walk through the middle. I used to like a word, drizzle. Those densely woven and silky threads, turned around, and finally embroidered me in the crevice of the time that was violently passed. Friends asked me if the Spring Festival is going home, the old house is waiting for you. In a word, I have fallen into the boundless memories of how many years the old house has gone through, I don��t know. According to the parents, the old house was the grandmother who brought her aunt to marry and bought it with two pairs of gold earrings as a dowry. The old house was built in the middle of the village, next to our Liu's ancestral hall. In front is a wide open cobblestone vacant lot. The opposite side of the ancestral hall is a crescent-shaped high wall. The spacious alleys are like time tunnels. Those memories that are clear or vague are like rubies and pearls that are inadvertently incorporated into the chest. They are shining, prosperous and rich, and eventually become memories of the heart, accompanied by my whole childhood, accompanied by me growing up. I have always hoped that I can make people as light as a daisy, as if it is as cool as water, quiet and earthly, and cold. However, I found that I can��t really be in the world. I will be confused and scared when the signs of the years have become clearer. Even if you know that recalling the past can't retain anything, you can't miss it. A kind of memory can never be described by words, as it penetrates into the surrounding air and land, attached to every tangible object. There are too many affectionate, interesting and incomprehensible memories in the old house. Every piece of the old house is even very small. Scales can also arouse my heart. The old house became an inseparable part of my life. In countless days and nights, the old house cares for me and shelters me from the wind and rain Cigarettes Online. How can I forget the warmth of the old house and the love of the old house. Countless dreams back, my old house Online Cigarettes. A ribbed black tile, a soft smoke, a burst of joy, a sweet dream. It��s always awkward and awkward. Nowadays, the accent has been changed, the mane has not faded, but the warmth of the old house can never be forgotten. I can��t forget the love of the old house. I can��t forget it... Now my parents have already gone, the old house is empty, but the old house��s years, the old house The wet wall, the whisper of the swallow on the old house beam, everything in the old house, will never disappear in my heart, the old house and the ancestral hall are like the old people who have experienced a lot of things, have a dignified and solemn, temperament . However, memory only exists in the past, returning to reality, and it is another scene. Things are human and wrong. Every time you read this word, you can't stop sorrow and trembling. The villages and shepherds in memory are repeatedly and ruthlessly washed away by the tides of the times, leaving only the wreckage. The old house and the ancestral hall have collapsed a few years ago, and everything around them has become overgrown with little popularity, and it is desolate in the eyes, leaving only the crescent-shaped old wall and the dryness of the wall. The dog's tail grass sways in the air, faintly showing the excitement and prosperity of the past.
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