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Both approaches are fine.Idon't have one (and don't want or have room for one), yet I love toddler vladimir sobotka jersey homemade ice cream. I guess my title is technically incorrect. I used my arm which is a simple lever, a whisk, an electric beater, and then of course a freezer :) I may just change the title :)Can't wait to try it.
Aline Borges : Our kids love these! They are 4 yrs. and 6 yrs. and both fit into them.
Manao Leesakul : Essential when making coffee on a V60, is to have the correct filter. These filters from Hario are the best, hands down, for this purpose. Don't buy the cheaper knock-offs, they are different density and will change the outcome of the coffee.
Alexis Varela : Definitely a stupid show, but you know that going in.
Overall I like the DVDs but could do without the skipping, especially on a product that I spent my hard earned money on.
Bettina Warlington : Love everything about Bon jovi! His music rocks!

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