Paul Allen — owner of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks

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and the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers — died on Monday in Seattle. He was 65.In a statement Patrick Mahomes Color Rush Jersey , his family said Allen died from complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.Allen was originally diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in 1982, and in 2009, underwent chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.Although it had been in remission for years, two weeks ago, Allen announced that the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma had returned, and expressed optimism in his ability to beat the disease.Most owners of professional sports franchises are relatively unknown individuals who become well-known only when they first purchase their teams.This was not the case with Allen.In 1975 — after seeing a Popular Mechanics magazine cover showing an early microcomputer — Allen persuaded his high school friend Bill Gates to drop out of Harvard University and join him in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where a startup company called MITS had built what is now credited as the first personal computer.Bill Gates and Paul Allen (right) in 1975The MITS machine lacked software, and Allen and Gates — who in high school had spent time programming mainframe computers through time-sharing terminals — convinced the company they were the team to write it.Allen dubbed their partnership Micro-Soft, and in 1980, the company landed the biggest fish in the ocean, making a deal to provide the operating system software for IBM personal computers.Although there are many individuals who were instrumental in developing the technology you are using to read this article, Allen’s name is certainly on a very short list among them, as acknowledged in a statement issued by current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:Because of his recently-diagnosed illness — and reported differences with Gates — Allen left Microsoft in the early 1980s, although he remained on the company’s board until 2000.His personal wealth — estimated in the tens of billions of dollars — funded many philanthropic causes in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.Some — such as the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle — reflected his personal interests. Shirts and a model from Star Trek on display at The Science Fiction Museum in Seattle Ron Parker Jersey , Washington that opened in 2004.The museum was created with $20 million from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.Photo by Ron Wurzer/Getty ImagesIn 1988, he purchased the Trail Blazers.In 1997, he bought the Seahawks.In both cases, he bought the teams to prevent them from being moved to larger markets,and pledged to keep them there — as emphasized by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in his statement on Allen’s death:Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt expressed his admiration for Allen in a statement.Allen never married and has no children.He is survived only by his sister Jody Allen.What will happen with regard to his ownership of the Seahawks and Trail Blazers is not yet known.The two teams are estimated to be worth more than $3.6 billion. This is part three of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes. Part one: something good and something bad here, part two: something smart and something special here.I tweeted out after the Chargers game that it was the most frustrated I’d been as a Chiefs fan. While I ultimately settled on 38-10, last Thursday was still close. Here’s why:The Chiefs have not taken the most important position in football seriously enough in my lifetime. They’ve always leaned on re-tread quarterbacks. The best chance at a real, sustained Super Bowl window is to have an elite quarterback. The Chiefs didn’t even try until they traded up for Patrick Mahomes.I was there as the Chiefs blew the insurmountable lead in Indianapolis. The playoff loss streak extended for a couple years beyond that. It was depressing. But the Chiefs’ chances to hoist a Lombardi Trophy are real now.The Chiefs went from a team that needed everything to go right for them to have a real shot at a Super Bowl to a team that can expect to be in the mix every year that Mahomes is on the field. Everything is different now. My expectations have changed, so anything getting in the way of attaining home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and an opportunity to use the next few weeks to get healthy was immensely frustrating. It’s not going to take as much to go right for Mahomes to lead this team deep into the playoffs as it was always going to be with Smith, Cassel, Green, Grbac. This is different. The expectations and optimism should be too.Something improvedMahomes has really come a long way in his time in Kansas City. This clip is rich in visible improvements.Early on, the decisions Mahomes made about how and when he would escape the pocket were sporadic. He still made phenomenal plays working out of structure but sometimes he would make it harder on himself than he needed too. He’s been making better decisions as time goes on about how he is escaping. This was a good example.Mahomes elects to spin out of pressure. Even his spin-outs look better than they have in the past. They are more direct and explosive. Believe it or not, I think that matters when you’re eluding pressure. What’s more he gets his eyes quickly back into the field. That looks better than it was last year too. The time he saved with his feet and eyes helped him find Kelce working his direction. He does an excellent job getting his shoulders in a position to deliver an athletic throw to Kelce in a very tight window.Mahomes is more refined. It’s so impressive and so encouraging. Needs improvementIt wasn’t all good this week, however. Mahomes had a rough stretch in the fourth quarter of a close game.I mentioned a few times on the radio this week that the final touchdown drive for the Chiefs was a struggle Tony Gonzalez Color Rush Jersey , and they’re lucky that they found pay dirt. That partially fell on Mahomes. With the fourth quarter starting and the Chiefs up seven, Mahomes had one of his rougher sequences of the season. We talked this week about the throw that Mahomes tried to hold back in what looked like a moment of hesitancy. That kicked off four plays where it looked like he was trying a little too hard. After throwing a ball well short of Demarcus Robinson/Tyreek Hill, Mahomes attempted a risky left handed throw on a third and ten that ultimately resulted in a defensive holding to extend the drive. The very next play, Mahomes throws a swing to Damien Williams that carries him out of bounds for no gain. Finally, he tries to fit a ball to Chris Conley on a run-pass option with a high difficulty level. He could’ve hit Kelce in the flat for a positive gain. The stretch very easily could’ve cost the Chiefs points. The game seems to be slowing down immensely for Mahomes, but I’m not sure the moments always are. He’ll develop that over time.What’s encouraging is immediately after this stretch, Mahomes made a great play to extend the drive. We detailed this play and more in yesterday’s article. Just like all the improvements Mahomes has made with time, these kinds of stretches will be fewer and farther between. The expectations should be changing, and the immense of amount of positive indicators and production should bring hope that Chiefs fans aren’t long for the heartbreak they’ve grown accustomed to. Miss this week’s episode of the AP Laboratory? We discussed Eric Berry, the Chiefense, the most disappointing players this season and more.If you can’t see the player below, click here.Links: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Art 1945 Seconds with Kent SwansonLike Arrowhead Pride videos? Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

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