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In recent years nike air force 1 bianche e blu , motorization has become an increasingly popular decision for customers who want the ultimate in assistance and technology. While a clutch roller window shade offers you styling, Motorized window coverings or roller window shade can be lowered or raised at the touch of a button. That’s what makes them great for when you are looking for Window Treatment tips.

It can also be programmed to react to the amount of sunlight coming in therefore, lowering your energy costs! In addition to the savings off your electricity bill, motorization can be a safer choosing when it comes to children and pets. No chain or cord means no more worrying about your child or pet choking on a chain or cord. Another added benefit is the ability to control a group of window treatments at the same time. Some remotes are available in multi-channel versions allowing them to control a group of motorized roller shades without the need for more than one remote.

While motorization offers many benefits, it also brings the user years of operation without any issues. almost motors nowadays offer a 5 year warranty. Depending on the size of the blind and operation frequency, an automatic automatic motor can last up to 10 years! Thanks to advances in technology, motorization has become an increasingly easy way to add value and design to an interior. In addition to remote operation, motors can be integrated into smart homes. Don’t have a smart home? Some motors can still be controlled without the need of a remote by using a wall switch. Like remotes, wall switches are getatable in single and multi channel versions. Wall switches are also accessible in unique colors to match even the nearly discriminating tastes.

How are motors powered? Well, most motors are plugged into the wall while some are operated with batteries or battery wands. Typically, with ample window coverings it is recommended to use the plug in type. Reason for this is that the batteries or battery wand would drain far too quickly having to operate a huge blind daily. It is best to check with your retailer to verify whether your blind would be better suited for a battery operated motorized blind or a standard plug in motorized blind. Either way you choose, motorized window coverings and shades are a great way to reduce some of your energy costs while still adding value and safety to your home. If you feel like you are ready to explore and enjoy the world of motorized roller shades and window treatments feel free to contact your local retailer or shop online for Motorized window treatments today!

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TOKYO, July 7 (Xinhua) -- Tamaki Matsuoka could never forget about her first visit to Nanjing, China in August 1988, where she saw evidences of the atrocities committed by the invading Japanese army to the city in 1937 and was deeply shocked.

Matsuoka was then a primary school teacher and taught six-graders history in Japan. She found history textbooks vague and ambiguous about the invasive war against China and decided to find out more about the truth.

"The textbooks only mentioned that Japan lost the war, but nothing about the invasion, they described the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but miss out the sufferings of the people victimized by Japan's invasion," she told Xinhua in a recent interview.

"As a teacher, I taught the children about justice, but the textbooks in Japan seemed not just," she said.

When seeing for the first time in her life at an exhibition in Nanjing the evidences of the atrocities committed by the Japanese army, including photos of the heads cut down and the women raped, Matsuoka could not help shedding tears of pain and shame.

"I made up my mind at that time that I have to tell my students in Japan what had really happened, and what pain and sorrow were associated with the historical truth," said Matsuoka.

Matsuoka spent the next 30 years interviewing hundreds of survivors and victimizers of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre, and based on their testimonies, wrote books and produced documentaries to convey the historic truth.

The first testimony that Matsuoka heard from a victim was from Li Xiuying, who, born in 1919, was stabbed 37 times by Japanese soldiers and lost her baby in the 1937 massacre.

To get testimonies from the victimizers was more difficult. It was not until eight years later that Matsuoka started interviewing Japanese war veterans, and Yoshiharu Matsumura was one of them.

"I interviewed him for over 20 times and witnessed the change of his attitude. At first, he showed little remorse, talking about the atrocities he committed with his fellow soldiers and showing off the spoil of war he plundered from China," she said.

"But after seven or eight years, as he learned more about the tragedy he had brought to the victims, he started to feel sorry. He asked me at his deathbed to write down his war experience and let people know what had happened," she added.

Matsuoka hopes that more Japanese could find out the truth about the history through her books and documentaries and therefore learn from the history and prevent the wars from happening again.

"Without knowing the terror of the war, they can not understand the preciousness of the peace," she said.

But the current situation in Japan worries Matsuoka, as people's historical view was led astray by the administration of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has called for the younger generations not to be burdened by historical issues such as the "comfort women" issue.

"We have caused tremendous suffering to the people in other countries while suffering ourselves during the war. It would be selfish to just stress our own sufferings while trying to erase the fact that people of other countries suffered," said Matsuoka.

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