8 Simple and Stylish Headband Wig Looks You'll Love.

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Headband lace front wigs Brazilian that are easy to put on and take off have become the first choice for many girls in summer. Today's blog post will introduce you to 8 stylish and good-looking looks.

1. Headband wig with bangs
The first is the simplest and most common type of headband 613 wig.
Bangs can frame your face.
When you have bangs, you can leave some hair behind.
Leave the bangs on one or both sides up to you.
If the original length of the 5x5 lace closure wig is too long, you can cut it to a satisfactory length.
Of course, you can use tools like curlers to get the bangs you like.

2. Half-up bun
The updo is very much like the top half, as opposed to the top half of the hair.
The upper part of the hair gathered at the top of the head, looks very lively and lovely.
You need to put the top part of your hair into a bun, and you can choose a loose bun if you like.

3. High bun
This is also a bun, a high bun that pulls all the hair together.
This style is perfect for hot summer days as no excess hair will come into contact with your skin.
After all, we sweat a lot and always feel sticky in the summer.
It's also great for work or chores as there's no extra hair blocking the view.
It's a very convenient hairstyle.

4. Low ponytail
A low, tight ponytail is also a very simple hairstyle.
All you need to do is comb your hair and tie it all up with a rubber band.
You can take rubber bands with you.
If you need, you can always remove the ribbon and return your long hair or tie it.

5. Low ponytail tied with a scarf
It's the same as a low ponytail, but with a silk scarf instead of a rubber band.
You can choose a silk scarf in the same color as your dress, or choose any style you like to decorate your hair.
This will make your hair look better.
Also, wearing a scarf on your hair will make you look softer.

6. Side part hairstyle
The side part is another very simple hairstyle.
If you want to keep your hair long but are tired of regular medium hair, this cut is perfect for you.
You can choose which part of your hair should be parted.
This hairstyle is very suitable for sexy girls.

7. Two braids
This is a very cute hairstyle.
If you want to get a cute look with one hairstyle, you can try two braids.
Divwhich ide your hair evenly into left and right sides and braid it.
Finally, tighten the braid with a rubber band.
This style is perfect for summer and works well with short skirts.

8. Low bun with hat
You can wear a hat to cover your headband and leave two strands of hair for bangs to add gentleness and embellish your features.
You can wear a low tight ponytail, a low bun, or nothing at all.
Hats can make you look cooler and are great for places like the gym.
At the same time, hats can also play a role in shading in summer, which is a very appropriate decoration.

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