Why Does My Human Hair Wig Has Split Ends?

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In fact, both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs can split, especially if you often use thermal styling tools on your hair.
After all, neither a human skunk stripe wig nor a synthetic wig can absorb natural oils and nutrients from the scalp in the same way that natural hair can repair and nourish its own hair.

What Causes Split Ends?
As mentioned above, split ends occur when the ends of hair become brittle, dry, and frayed.
Here are some reasons why HD lace frontal split:
1. The overheating
If you regularly use these styling tools (such as curlers or straighteners) to shape your 5x5 closure wigs, will apply a lot of heat to your hair wig, and that heat can dry out your hair, making it brittle and more likely to break.
2. Chemistry and color treatment
The dyeing process inevitably involves the use of a lot of chemicals that consume and strip hair of its natural moisture, leaving the ends dry and prone to splitting.
3. Too much friction
Such as tying a ponytail with a too-tight rubber band, cleaning a wig with some bad hair products, and overbrushing your teeth, which can cause too much friction.

How To Repair The Split Ends On a Wig?
The only way to really get rid of split ends is to cut them.
If your split ends aren't winning and the damage has gone too far, getting your wig trimmed by a professional hairstylist is the easiest way to get rid of split ends.
It's best to do this every 6 to 8 weeks, trimming 1/2 inch to 1 inch at a time, especially if you have long strands and want to maintain them.

How Do You Get Rid Of Split Ends In Your Wig?
Before your next trim, try the following techniques to get rid of and prevent split ends:
1. Invest in the right hair products
If possible, always invest in high-quality wig care products.
For example, you're better off using mild natural products that don't contain sulfates or parabens to avoid over-cleaning and damaging fragile hair.
2. Pamper your hair often to keep it moist
When your wig splits, your wig doesn't produce the natural oils and moisture your hair needs.
In this case, you can use a rich and nourishing conditioner in your wig wash to smooth your hair and make it softer and easier to take care of.
Alternatively, you can use products with ingredients such as Jojoba oil, shea butter, or argan oil to give your hair more stretch, shine, and moisture.
3. Pat dry
After cleaning, avoid regular towels and choose a microfiber towel or even a soft T-shirt to dry your lashes wig, squeeze out excess moisture, and let your hair air dry as much as possible.
But if you're in a hurry and absolutely need a hairdryer, there's nothing better than using a hairdryer with a nozzle to dry your wig in sections.
4. Comb your hair properly with a professional brush
Always use a brush designed for use in wigs.
For example, brushes with rubber or silicone caps or wide teeth at the end of each bristle are a good choice to keep wig hair from splitting and becoming dull and frizzy.
Also, remember not to wet your hair. After all, wet wigs are the most fragile and break down easily.
If you must comb your hair after a shower, try toweling it dry until it does not drip, then apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair, and then try again.
5. Sleep on silk at night
To avoid friction and tangles, I recommend applying a moisturizing balm or cream from the middle to the end of your hair and then wrapping it all into a soft bun or loose braid to protect your hair while you sleep.
Sleeping on silk pillowcases or using silk hair caps can also help reduce friction.
Silky fabrics keep your hair healthy, shiny, and damage-free for longer.

By taking care of your human wig, your wig will last longer, look rich and shine, and make you the center of attention.

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