What Mistakes Should Be Avoided, From Choosing Wigs To Using Them?

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Many newbies, even those who have used wigs many times, make mistakes that could have been avoided. Today, West Kiss Hair has compiled 12 common mistakes to see if there are any that you might have made.

1. Buying the wrong size wig
If you have a bigger head but choose a more general or smaller size, you may get a headache.
If you buy a large lace frontal curly wig with small head size, your HD lace wig will be unstable and may fall off!
Solution: To avoid buying an ill-fitting wig, be sure to measure and familiarize yourself with your head measurements before buying.
The three most common hair band wig sizes are small 21.5 "medium 22.5" and large 23.5 ".
If you are between two sizes, choose the closest one and do not lower it.

2. Choose the wrong hair density
While everyone's density preference is different, a wig that is too thick will look unnatural and a wig that is too thin won't look good.
Getting the right density can require trial and error, especially if you buy wigs online.

3. The installation is incorrect
One concern every wig wearer may encounter is how to install a wig without damaging it.
After all, wearing a wig incorrectly can lead to a host of wig problems, such as the fear of losing your wig in public and causing some damage to your natural hair and skin.

4. Using too much glue
Although wig glue or binder is a popular way to fit wigs, especially full lace, and front lace wigs, it can damage your skin and hair as well as your wig.

5. Not applying or removing fake hairspray properly
There is no doubt that applying it incorrectly and removing it can cause a lot of problems.

6. Ignore natural hair
If you have natural hair under your wig, especially if it is weak or thinning, it is important to take care of the natural hair underneath to keep it healthy.
In fact, you need to take it off at night, wash your natural hair regularly, and keep it moisturized.

7. Don't braid your hair under your wig
Many people simply put their hair back into a bun or ponytail and put a wig in their hair.
This is a mistake you should never make, because if your hair isn't completely flat under the wig, it will look lumpy or like the wig is just sitting on top of you, which is the last thing you want.

8. Over-pulling your hairline
Excessive hairline plucking can eventually lead to hairpiece baldness, a very common mistake wig starters make.
So, segment your sharp pointed tweezers and pull out only a few hairs at a time, then check the hairline to determine if you should continue.
Also, when pulling out your hairline, don't walk more than once in the same area and do it slowly.

9. Overbleaching
Overbleaching your Knots Has become a common practice in creating wigs that look as realistic as possible.
However, too much bleach can damage delicate lace.
Please be careful when bleaching the knots on your wig and pay close attention to the time to avoid excessive bleaching and damage to the wig.

10. Cut off too much lace
A common mistake with a lace front wig is cutting too much lace, which destroys the line of the wig. After all, you can always cut more, but you can't put back what you've cut!
It is best to use cuticle scissors to cut the lace into zigzags rather than straight lines.

11. Over style your baby hair
While over-styled baby hair is still all the rage, it's actually best not to overuse it while wearing a wig to ensure the device blends seamlessly with your hairline.

12. Using too much heat
For human and synthetic wigs, applying too much heat almost always causes irreversible damage.

West Kiss Hair provides you with quality wig products and professional customer service questions. If you have any wig you want to know about, you can browse the website and ask your questions.

West Kiss Hair' wig is a stylish and simple wig.
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