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Lee greatly strengthens an one mouthful to drink the red wine in the cup bottom, straightforwardly say with a smile:"Have fun and then have fun.Who afraid who?Greatly not the light wear the bottom go out streaking."
See a leaf for autumn and he ground the friend didn't step back, 6,000 corner of mouths started to float one silk cold idea.These bumpkin, the foolish meeting son doesn't want to seek an opportunity to have fun to die them.
Water one color in the sky is the sovereign reserved box of crystal temple, decoratively luxury imposing style, the space is also enough spacious.It only is that to open widely ground some exaggerated marble tables to enough accept 2310 people to surround but sit.
A person in the house rounds to sit by the side of the table, Liu Han Bing puts a red wine bottle for getting empty in the table in the center.The bewitching smile writes to say:"See who to is our first lucky."
Liu Han Bing finishes saying and slightly turns a bottle of, the bottle turns to move on the smooth marble table.
The bottle is a disease first to soon turn, immediately after become of the radian is more and more slow, more and more slow, then slowly stopped down.
Let what people came as a big surprise BE, the bottle unexpectedly pointed to Liu Han Bing.
Is public to bomb a cachinnation, Liu Han Bing's bitterness says with a smile:"Bring disaster to self, can not live.Come.My Huo is past today.You make out questions.Can leisurely wear to order.Otherwise I can Rao not you."
6,000:"Stop worrying.We need not your Rao.The dance that knows Han ice jumps a ground of quite good.Come to do a strip tease for everyone."
A group of persons warmly respond to, the beautiful eyes of Liu Han Bing ruthlessly stared 6,001 eyes.Scold a way:"6,000, foolish meeting son you make in the my hand, I canned be Don't mentioned it."
Say so, Liu Han Bing still a station rises body and give°ed the headlight of room to close, leaves gloomily small light lighting, after ordering the song of head intense emotion, the person had already in the center started intense emotion ground dancing in the reserved box.
6,000 say quite goodly, Liu Han Bing ground the dance really jumps a ground of quite good.
Her person is original long the ground have much of a Sao Mei deeply flavor, and be dressed in purple full dress, aureate Gao Gen's shoes, twist to start a waist limb.The whole soft breastses all follow a top and bottom to rise and fall, sometimes all letting people worried about that rabbits will jump a clothes outside.
It is a DJ song to also put ground just on the television screen, on the television a few women at wildly dance, Liu Han Bing fore the noodles is like that get dancer.Be like pass by special training general, put a head, jilt hair and twist a waist limb.Bring up skirt to put, soft breasts rises and falls Fu, thigh desire the dew is tiny to expose, really is sexy of pole.
When the dance music on the television ends, Liu Han Bing also ends a personal performance by a gorgeous action.The facial expression Fei is red, be short of breath, greatly in winter, forehead all 1 F close sweat bead.Even wants that personal full dress the sweat is wet general, more charmingly feminine and stirring.
Everyone warmly applauses.6,000 call a way:"Do not go.Don't go.Strip tease how only have action, don't take off clothes?"
Liu Han Bing wore body evening dress, if stripped off the clothes.Can be getting more naked.
"6,000, you die.Return to see your woman going."Liu Han Bing's facial expression embarrassedly says.
"Yes 6,000.Want so to see Han ice of naked, that pursues."
"Good good.Today is the birthday of double bosom, everyone doesn't have to be angry."
6,000 also feel own words some excessive, would not like to a person in the house all give give offense to, say with a smile:"Open a fun just.Don't take seriously.Come, we continue to play games."
Liu Han Bing again turns a bottle of, public anxiously wait for nextly judgment.
Bottle the ground operation speed is more and more slow, while willing once turn 6,000.Be like wanted to once make an effort fierce ground, the bottle backs back again.

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