Straight hair has different lengths and shorts, and the results are different. Some people may look more subtle and gentle with

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What's The Difference Between Hd Lace And Transparent Lace?

HD lace is a new name of Swiss lace, a kind of lace that is thinner and more see-through, and transparent lace is the regular lace in transparent color.

We often recommend the transparent lace to women with light skin tones, but recently we found that the transparent color lace can melt into any skin tone after we bleach the hair knots and glue down the hairline.

But according to the features of the lace material itself, HD lace (Swiss lace) is still much thinner, more delicate, and transparent than the normal transparent lace.

The advantages of HD lace wigs:

Available for all Hair Textures

Regardless of your hair texture, we have many hair textures available for 360 lace frontal. You can choose from product description box or we can make texture for you if you can send us picture.


This particular frontal is very popular in market because it can be worn by women who have permed hair, since the lace is all around so your whole perimeter are all natural hairline but if you do need machine weft to fill the thickness then you can select two or three bundles maximum along with the 360 frontal.

Natural Looking

All hair are hand tied so the 360 lace frontal is very natural looking, you can still be able to bleach the knots if the hair color is natural. All of our 360 lace frontal have baby hair and pre plucked so you can customize to do the look by your own.

The wigs of the HD series are wigs that allow the scalp to breathe naturally. The high-quality Swiss lace provides you with an absolutely comfortable wearing experience. Different textures will also bring different effects. You can choose a wig that suits your face shape and style based on the knowledge points shared above.

The hair types of HD lace wigs

Straight hair wigs texture and Body wave texture are the most popular texture, because these two patterns allow customers to have full freedom to play on, and customers can design their hairstyles according to their own preferences, and at the same time, they can go for bleaching and dyeing because straight wave wigs and Body wave wigs are suitable for any shape of hairstyles. All in all, in the market of hd lace wigs the straight and body wave wigs, are the most popular ones.

On the other hand, the hd lace wigs also can be made into curly human hair wigs like the deep curly HD lace wigs and the kinky curly hd lace wigs or afro kinky curly hd lace wigs. And as for this kind of hd lace wig texture, it may often occur some problems: That is can not make the curly pattern into the very bottom of the hd wigs. So you know it is a challenge for most customers since they always want their wig texture are all the same from the end to the bottom.

The HD straight hair wig does not have any curled parts and looks more healthy and natural. With a thick jet-black shawl and straight hair, it hangs in mid-air like a black waterfall. As a classic and regular hairstyle, straight hair always has a group of faithful followers. Classic never goes wrong. If this is your first time buying a hair wig, choosing an HD straight wig is always a safe bet. Besides, it is also a hair texture that is the easiest to maintain. An HD straight wig is a good option for beginners.

Straight hair has different lengths and shorts, and the results are different. Some people may look more subtle and gentle with long straight hair, while others may look cool and have a more direct personality with short straight hair. Of course, straight hair wigs will also exude a different breath according to your own temperament. The reason why straight hair is so popular is that it is relatively easy to take care of and it is convenient to create different hairstyle effects.

As for other types of the hd wigs, such as the blonde color hd wigs and the colored hd lace wigs both can be made but need kindly remind all of you, these hd lace wigs also can not make into high density.

HD curly hair wig

The HD curly wig is currently the favorite of wig lovers. This wig has a tighter and more delicate texture than a wave wig, has an irregular texture, and looks very plump and fluffy overall.

This HD curly hair wig is very similar to the natural hair of intangible cultural heritage Americans, and with the effect of HD lace, it can be perfectly blended with human hair, making it difficult to distinguish whether it is human hair or wig. Curly hair can make you look more energetic and youthful. If you want to wear a wig in sultry weather or need to wear human hair bob wigs for a long time, we suggest you consider a wig. In addition to making you more fashionable and energetic, It can keep your scalp in natural circulation with air, giving you the most comfortable experience.

HD body wave hair wig
The texture of the high-definition wavy wig presents the letter "S" shape. Compared with the first two wigs, the body wave wig has a larger curvature, which is the wave produced by curling larger straight hair. The wig and u part human hair wigs provided by West Kiss Hair is made of the best original hair and Swiss lace, without any irritating chemical process, avoiding the problem of damaging your scalp.

Compared to water wave hair, although body wave hair also is a kind of wavy hair. It has the most natural look of all the hair textures. The curls of body wave hair are different from other wavy hair textures that are looser and bigger. It is nearest to the curvature of real human hair. For a feminine and natural look, you can buy an HD body wave lace wig. A mature, elegant, and restrained hairstyle will provide you a non-assertive noble temperament.

The wavy wig looks more mature and natural. This wig is more versatile. Any person with temperament can control it perfectly. Different people will show different effects. They may be sexy and charming, or they may be Gentle and elegant.

HD deep wave hair wig
The deep wave wig with HD lace is made of high-definition lace and deep wavy virgin wigs. First of all, the HD lace is very light and breathable, and it looks like it is invisible on the scalp. It is difficult for people to detect the wig. Compared with wave curling, deep waves have a smaller degree of curvature and more waves, and their bending directions are facing the same direction. They are very regular and look smaller and more subtle.

The HD deep wave wig will give you a very natural look as if it is naturally growing from your scalp. This wig is very smooth and tight, and it can also be integrated with other types of wigs. If you have a more reserved and introverted personality, then this cute-looking wig is perfect for you.

HD water wave wig
HD water wave hair is the best-selling wig in the market today. Its curling degree is greater than that of curly hair and less curled than wavy wigs, just like ripples rippling from the water. Its curling direction is facing the opposite place, so the wig will look larger and fluffy, and it looks very dense.

Like the name of this hair texture, you can get the shape of water wave hair is like the water ripples that flows in many directions. These featured hair curls attract many people. Water wave hair texture is the most popular hairstyle in our store.

If you want to make your hair look very dense, you can consider this water wave wig. In addition, this half wigs human hair is easy to maintain, and you don’t need to engage in some special care steps. As long as you carefully maintain it in the correct way, you can guarantee a long life.

HD loose deep wave wig
The HD loose deep wave hair curls like a spiral, very similar to the deep wave, but the loose deep wave wig separates further than the deep wave.

Compared with straight hair, you need to spend more time and energy to clean and maintain. Of course, if you pay a reward, this loose deep wave wig will make your wig more feminine and look more beautiful. At the same time, it can well modify your face, increase the volume of your hair, and weaken your facial imperfections to a certain extent.

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