Bleached knots wigs better than Unbleached knots wig

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What is bleaching knots?

Bleaching knots is an effective way to improve the appearance of the wig, which makes the wig look more natural and realistic. When making a lace wig, you need to tie the hair to a piece of lace, it creates knots. When you wear a darker wig, these knots look like small black dots on the lace, as we can see from the appearance. Bleached and unbleached knots can affect how natural and real the lace wig looks.

Unbleached knots

We will call the wig is unbleached knots wig when the hair knots not bleached when your hair was tied in the lace, and each hair strand was fixed, a black knot will appear. Some people do not care about these knots, but there are still many people who think bleached knots are a must, they can not stand it.

Bleached knots

To reduce the knots and make human lace wigs look more realistic, people choose to bleach the knots. Bleached knots will look natural, but this way demands skills, experience, tools, and extra care to bleach without damaging the hairline. Bleaching weakens the roots and causes hair shedding, lessens the durability of the lace. Besides, only human hair with intact epidermis can be bleached, and the knots on black hair cannot be bleached at all.

Both bleached and unbleached knots have advantages and disadvantages. Considering these advantages and defects can help you decide whether to bleach knots. If your goal is to want a natural look, you can choose a bleached knot. If your goal is to make a lace wig last longer and do not care about the visible knots, you can choose unbleached knots. If you are wearing a light-coloured wig, you do not need to bleach the knots because the lace and hair knots are already very light and invisible.

Where to buy it?

If you don’t want to damage the lace due to the ticket buckle and cause a series of hair loss problems, we suggest that you buy Silk Base Wigs directly from the west kiss hair store.
Pre-plucked skin melt lace wigs are real 100% human hair wigs with three lace layers and invisible knots that are super realistic, just like a real human scalp. No bald cap needed and no bleaching needed. The knot is hidden under the silk thread between the two layers, which makes the knot invisible and has a very natural appearance. Easy to install for beginners.

If you do not mind the knot, there are a variety of lace wigs for you to choose from. West kiss wigs store is a store that specializes in selling real human hair wigs including lace front wigs, cheap closure wigs, hd lace wigs, 13x6 lace front wigs. Many customers like to buy them here. Go try it, you won't regret it.

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At West Kiss, the happiness and satisfaction of the customers with our 100% human hair is always at the top of our policy list. We pride ourselves on the customer service and being there with the customer every step of the way, from the time before purchase hair products, through its delivery, and after-sale.
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RE: Bleached knots wigs better than Unbleached knots wig

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