Three Most Popular Hair Wigs On The Wig Market

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There are also many different types of human hair wigs, such as lace front wigs, closure wigs, HD lace wigs, bob wigs, headband wigs, u part wigs. And today I want to introduce three most popular between them.

HD Lace Wigs Human Hair
HD lace wig is the most worth buying wig. The HD lace it used was once called Swiss lace, which is a royal lace material. This lace is more lightweight and breathable than any lace, allowing your scalp to breathe completely freely.

Because of the transparent and light characteristics of the lace used, the Brazilian wig and our scalp are naturally blended, making your hairline look very natural, and it is difficult for people to find that you are wearing a wig. And like this high-quality lace wig will not hurt your scalp, it will bring you a comfortable and natural wearing effect, and will never let you down.

Headband wigs
The headband wig is a wig composed of a wig hair bundle, hair cap, and hairband. The distinctive advantage of this wig is the hairband. If you have sparse hair on the hairline, you can move the hairband forward a bit; if the volume is good, you don't have to worry about any problems.

The wide hairband is placed in the front, it is hard to think that you are wearing a wig, not just for the sake of looking good. And you can change the hairband with different patterns at any time to make yourself look very fashionable. Besides, the headband wig is very easy to wear and remove, just as convenient and fast as we usually wear a hat. It is a very good choice for novices and office workers.

U part wigs
The U part wig has an opening like a "U" letter on the top or side, and the usual opening size is 2x4 inches. You can scatter part of your hair on the openings of the U part wig to naturally cover the edges of the wig to create a real and natural effect.

Compared with lace wigs, U part wigs human hair have a longer service life, and follow-up maintenance is relatively simple. At the same time, the U part wig does not need to be glued to the scalp, which avoids the irritating damage of the glue to the scalp and hair follicles.

Do you want to have a try with the three kinds of hair wigs? Welcome to West Kiss Hair, a more than four years online store is selling different kinds of colored human hair wigs in different hairstyles. Come to have a look today.

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