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Hope, hope, the Spring Festival has finally arrived. With the clock striking, we have ushered in a beautiful traditional festival-Spring Festival. I shouted with excitement: "New Year is here! New Year is here!" Ah! What a wonderful new year! I ran back and forth at home excitedly, unable to restrain my joy. When I ran to the balcony, suddenly, the fireworks flew to the sky, and in a flash, they exploded, and the sky was full of flowers. Some are like silver meteors, some are like colorful flowers, some are like orange coats, and some are like golden suns, shining the earth like the day. Beautiful! Before the New Year, every house was decorated with lanterns in front of the house, and my family was no exception. Early in the morning, Mom and Dad were so busy. I saw my mother scrubbing the tables, chairs, doors, windows, and floors. The inside and outside of the room were scrubbed by her mother. The most amazing thing was that the glass was shining brightly, and it looked like it was not separated by the glass Wholesale Cigarettes. Look at my dad again, carefully stick the spring couplets on the wall of the gate with transparent tape, not to the left or to the right, or even skewed, but my dad ��s technique of sticking spring couplets is first-class. Standing next to me, I was dumbfounded at watching the actions of my parents. After a while Parliament Cigarettes, the house is completely new. On the evening of the New Year ��s Eve, every family has to eat New Year ��s Eve, which means reunion. The reunion of the family often makes the elders in the family feel spiritually comforted and satisfied. The old people see the children and grandchildren, the family and the family share the world, and the care and support of the children in the past have not been wasted. The younger generation can also take this opportunity to express their gratitude to their parents for their upbringing. After the New Year's dinner, the family gathered together to celebrate the arrival of the new year. The night of the New Year ��s Eve is even more bright with fire trees and silver flowers. Every house is brightly lit, flowers are everywhere, and firecrackers sound. Everyone keeps the age together, bids farewell to the years that have passed like water, and looks forward to hope for the new year. On the evening of the New Year's Eve, a whip is also put on, called "travel", which represents the footsteps of the year. On the first day and the second day, families will visit relatives, say hello everywhere, visit the New Year, and come to the door. After getting up, the juniors should first pay their respects to the elders and wish them good health and longevity. After the elders are worshipped, they must distribute the pre-prepared "New Year's Money" to the juniors, representing the safety of the year. Happy New Year is also a way for relatives and friends to express their wishes to each other. On the morning of the first day of the first day Cigarettes For Sale, a hanging whip is also put on. This is a door-opening artillery, a door-opening firecracker. Beautiful Chinese New Year, happy Chinese New Year, everyone's favorite Chinese New Year, the Chinese New Year in my eyes, love you! You are really �� wonderful!
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