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I like it but apparently it can be difficult to dry in an average tumble drier.
Michelle Brown
My only concern is the tight fit around the top of his front legs & armpits and potential rubbing - will not wear on walks but maybe on gamedays and when we want to show him off to friends. My dog is roughly 80 lbs and a lab/doby mix.
And here's where it gets tight on MY dog... the chest inside seam from arm to arm opening is only 6-3/4" wide and why I wouldn't take him on a long walk for fear of rubbing him raw under his armpits... this should have been made wider in my opinion as everything else is proportional to his size.
Mija Granić
The movie was clever in how it told the story of the band. A bit cheesy at times, but still fun and entertaining. It was great to have so many great songs to bring back memories and to connect to the storyline. Worth watching.
Brittany Cozzens

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