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Bought these for my father for the summer. They fit fine.
Cinzia Esposito
Really enjoyed the movie! Cast is awesome. Music and singing were great!
Emily Vang
The pants are somewhat large but they still fit. However, the material is very light. The pockets are a little too far back. Also the pant legs are rather wide and I will have to alter them and make them narrower before my husband will wear the pants.
Eduardo Sebastian Antezana Valdivia
I was skeptical but trusted the reviews and went for it. I'm so glad that I did. The fit is 100 - I'm 6'1", 185, thin / athletic build and the medium was built for me. I was worried it would be too short but the length is on point. The quality is incredible as well and the material is crazy soft and comfortable. I can't believe I got this jersey for the price - well worth it to support Blue. Go Chelsea!
Phoebe Gardner
Good quality, fits great, my 8 year old is happy!
Glaucia Freitas
Fits and wears great. Nice light weight cotton for summer
Vicki Dodge Gerthung

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