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Penis Enlargement Bible Review – My PE Bible Results
My Penis Bible Review
Hey! Don’t spend a cent until you read my Penis Enlargement Bible review. I’ve used pumps, extenders, and pills, nothing worked until I BOUGHT this program and followed it to the letter. I purchased PE Bible by John Collins roughly 2 years ago. Here are my Personal RESULTS and Experience.
I’ve been in your shoes. Chances are you landed on this site because you’re not happy with your penis. Whether you’re unsatisfied with size, length, girth or maybe you have a weird curve or you have weak erections.
Either way, I’m going to show how to change all that. I did, so so can you in about 7-10 weeks.
I started looking into PE (penis enlargement) about 4 years ago and almost gave up before I found this program about 2 years ago. Here’s a summary of 4 years worth of research:
Pills, pumps, and gadgets don’t work half as well as PE Bible. All pumps can cause some serious damage and devices risk cutting off blood flow. Pills are just pure garbage. All of them are pretty pricey as well.
If you want to gain size, have better orgasms with a straighter, harder dick you have to use these techniques. Bonus: It’s cheap.
How Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins Works
Click the image directly above to see how this system works.
After watching the video you’re probably sitting there asking yourself what the hell this is about…. So let me explain. This is basically a 90+ page e-book on how to enlarge your phallus using nothing but your hands and natural herb supplements.
The program is built on a double foundation of:
Mechanical penis enlargement . Using your hands to perform manual penile exercise. These specific techniques force the cells in the spongy tissue of corpora cavernosa and sinusoids (the tissue inside the penis and it’s capacity to hold blood) to undergo mitosis and grow in response to external factors (the exercises).
Biochemical penile enhancement . Using the correct supplements you are able to chemically mimic the conditions your body had when your penis underwent growth during puberty.
For your info: These two principles work in tandem to make your body undergo penile growth. The results are an inch and after inch of development until you’ve reached your penis enlargement goals. Sadly the supplements used and specialized techniques are subject to copyright so I can’t go into too much depth without being sued. I have however walked the line by doing a chapter breakdown below.
PE Bible Chapter Breakdown:
Gain &amp; Maintain a Hard Sensitive Penis (p. 7-16): Great information on maintaining sensitivity and erection strength as you get older (your penis loses it as you age). Pay close attention to activating hormonal interactions necessary to re-boot penile growth.

Start Penis Growth (p. 17-48): John Collins expertly delivers a very specific and easy to follow set of exercises. You’ll find 3 beginner and 8 more advanced techniques.

End Premature Ejaculation (p. 49-60): There’s pretty surprising information here. If you’ve done a lot of research or suffer from premature ejaculation and I bet you’ll learn something new here, along with an effective way to end it. This chapter has been a godsend for few guys I know.

Increase Your Ejaculate Volume (p. 61-63): The average load is about a tablespoon. Collings goes over how to crank it up to 3, which is huge. The more you shoot the longer your orgasms tend to be, so it’s worth it. You’ll also shoot a lot further using this info.

Chinese Herbs (p. 64-78): This chapter goes over a detailed list of 28 Asian herbs. These supplements will give your body everything it’ll need to add inches to your penis.

Western Supplements (p. 79-88): This is great if you’re in a smaller town and don’t have access to some of the Chinese herbs (though I’ve never had a problem finding them). You’ll find in-depth information on 7 supplements that are available everywhere in the western world (and just about everywhere else).

Tables of Reference (p. 89-94): ORetty straight forward, it’s a reference table.
Personal Note: Chapters 2 and 5 are pretty important. Pay close attention to the techniques in chapter 2 and read chapter 5 carefully.
My experience with PE Bible
It’s now mid summer in 2016. It’s been about 2 years since I found The Penis Enlargement Bible and I’ve never looked back. My personal gains have taken me to a pretty solid 8, which in my opinion is the king of dick size. It’s big and impressive as hell, but it’s not too big that you’ll never be able to rail a chick. Hey, it may sound vulgar, but you’ll want to consider these things as you add serious size.
In total, I gained a little over 2 inches in about a 10-12 months. I took time off due to pretty severe back injury so my personal gains took longer than most other guys I’ve known that have used this. I’ll give you some pro tips further down that help you gain faster than I did.
Full disclosure photos beneath the dropdown
My Top 7 Pros After Using this System
Instant: You get all the info as soon as purchase it, so you can start without any delays.
It Works: Highly effective program proven to deliver results in both length and girth. You also get some pretty awesome side benefits like harder erections, better orgasms, and improved sexual stamina.
It’s Safe: Unlike pumps, shady pills, and penile extenders this system is safe to use with little to no risk. The last thing any man wants when trying to obtain a bigger penis is to put his manhood at risk. There are way too many horror stories out about pumps and other forms of penis enlargement. Don’t take the risk, this is safe and effective.
Permanent results . Once you’ve decided that you’re big enough you can call it quits and those inches will stay forever.
Great Reputation: It’s important to know how what other guys think about a product before buying it. Of the 10,000 plus reviews online there’s a 95% customer satisfaction. That’s amazing for any product let alone a male enhancement system.
No Risk: There’s also a no risk 60-days 100% money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose by starting and some piece of mind.
A Few Things/Cons that Could be Improved
No Frills: The e-book and general presentation is frankly lackluster. Don’t expect to be blown out the water by state-of-the-art graphics. It gives you what you need in a simple format.
Read this: John Collins has given the go-ahead for a limited time sale. I don’t know when the sale when will end, but I’ll update it when it does. For now, you can get the Penis Enlargement Bible for at a wicked discounted price of only $47.00! It’s cheaper than a dinner out at a moderate restaurant. You’ll have instant access online, total private billing (discreet credit card billing as well) and that piece of mind the 60-day money guarantee will give you.
Conclusion: Highly effective program, worth the time and money.
How to Properly Measure Your Penis:
It’s important that you know how to measure yourself so you can track your progress. Nothing better than seeing the gains after a few weeks.
Top 5 Things I learned While Using PE Bible:
Frequently Asked PE Questions
Q: What kind of gains can I anticipate?
According to Dr. Collins, forums I’ve participated on and my results along with the results of other I know personally that have done this, you can expect to gain 1-3 inches in the first 6 months os use.
The amount gained depends widely on a number of personal factors. What’s important is that you will see outstanding results within that time.
Q: Why are there pills?
There’s a big difference between bogus male enhancement pills and the natural supplements used here. There are no penis pills and you are not going to be buying any through this system.
You’re going to be using natural supplements you can find at your grocery store.
Q: Why is it so cheap?
I know what you mean. Most products in the male enhancement market are hundreds of dollars and deliver very little. This is a fraction of the price and gives you everything you’ll need for a bigger penis. It’s hard to see the enormous value when it the cost is so low.
I had the opportunity to ask the PE Bible team that question and got this response:
“… as our product is in PDF our overhead is less than the majority of other penis enlargement systems available today…
… John believes strongly that men should be able to address this fundemental concern with a legitimate solution without financial hardship. It’s our aim to provide a real soltuion to men without breaking the bank…”
Q: What kind of exercises are in the program?
Like the supplements used, this information is under copyright so I can’t go into too much detail. There are highly specialized workouts along with (and using) modified versions of classic penile exercises like:
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